January 31, 2009

January 31st, 2009

In case you missed my last post and I have placed the link to Peanut's Contest with the HSUS under his picture. The is an awesome contest and each donation goes toward helping animals get spayed or neutered. So check it out and VOTE FOR PEANUT!!!!

Yesterday was a lazy day. I managed to buy Mark's birthday gift, and pick up things I needed from the store. Other than that I really didn't do too much. I was feeling rather run down, and felt it would be a great day to just rest and relax.

I have laundry and what not to do today, and possible take Peanut to the park.

January 29, 2009

January 29th, 2009

This week I took a minute to enter Peanut in a contest. It's with the HSUS, and it's to help animals get spayed and neutered.

Here is the link: https://photocontest.humanesociety.org/contest.html?page=viewInd&id=16972&contestId=1

Depending on how many votes we get, we could win some prizes!

So go, go vote for Peanut, and tell all your friends to vote for Peanut as well. LOL.. well if you think they would be interested that is.

Yesterday I received the purse I told you about in this post, and it's just as lovely in person as in the picture. I bought it from Debra over at Needles, Fabric, and Thread. She has an Etsy shop where she sells her creations. Thanks Deb for the lovely purse, it's in good hands!!

Tomorrow I will be making my final purchase before I stick to my strict savings plan, Mark's Birthday Gift! Last year I got him a shot glass with the World Series of Poker emblem on it, because he had entered into one of the WSOP tournaments. He didn't win, but he is determined to go back again. This year's gift is WAY better... I hope. LOL..

January 28, 2009

January 28th, 2009

Yesterday Morning Peanut and I woke up to ....... SNOW!

Tiny flakes were falling, and as I put Peanut's coat on him, and we went outside, he looked around like, "yup, still my yard!" The total amount of snow accumulation was only about an inch, but it was enough for me to sigh a sigh of relief. We finally got our snow. Driving to work was a little tricky, people were doing 50 in a 65, with roads that were clear. I can understand caution, but the roads were clear! The state of Maryland had already treated the roads, and salt and sand trucks were parked on the side of the road waiting.

I will say the snow is really pretty though!

Here is what my street looked like when I left for work in the morning...

This morning however, the ice storm had passed through, and everything has a coating of ice. FUN!!! I am delaying getting rady for work as long as I possibly can, to see if any of it melts before I tackle scraping my car off. Not likely because it's still freezing drizzle and there is no sun out. Oh well.

Surprisingly though, these are the days where I really don't miss working for a grocery store chain. And for those of you who bum rush the stores to buy toilet paper, milk, and bread.... the reason the store is out of those items is because the 5000 other people who beat you to the store bought it in bulk! Also, stop panicking! If your power goes out because of the ice and snow, your milk is going to go bad anyway.

January 27, 2009

January 27th, 2009

I know, I shouldn't have. I have a lot of stuff on my plate and I should totally be saving... but when Debra posted this purse on her blog that was for sale in her Etsy shop, I squeaked with delight!

In fact if you go to the post you will see my comment!

I have also decided that those Fuchsia Steve Madden soles will be mine and on my feet for the August Bachelorette in Vegas... they are available for Pre-order and SM won't charge you until the item ships.... SCORE! According to their site the estimated date for availability is March 2nd, 2009. Which gives me plenty of time to make sure I get my tax return! (Yup, did my taxes this weekend... )

So yea I threw caution to the wind! I spent money.... and I'm not done yet! I still have to purchase Mark's birthday gift. After that though, I will need to be a disciplined, thrifty spender, that only buys what she needs, and not was makes her go "OOoooOOOooooooo!" LOL

I will also have to implement a strict savings plan, and stick to it. Starting this coming payday, it will happen! Just like Yoga every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night before bed.

January 26, 2009

January 26th, 2009

So I had heard that D.C. had Porta Potties trucked in from other areas in Maryland and other states for the Inauguration.....but until you see trucks of Porta Potties going down the highway, you really don't think much about it. LOL It was the funniest sight I had seen all weekend. Trucks and trucks of Porta Potties!

When I saw the first truck with them, I didn't think much of it. I passed the truck and when about my drive home, singing along to songs and trying to stay focused. Which was really hard because I was really hungry and very achy.... The second truck I passed and thought, "Huh! That's odd." And again, went about my business. As I appraoched trucks three and four, it dawned on me these must be the borrowed Porta Potties used for the Inauguration! I would have thought they would have been returned by now, but I guess not.

January 25, 2009

January 25th, 2009

We seem to have some very confused lily's coming up in the front yard! I noticed them the other day when it was around 20 degrees and thought it was kind of odd. Recently the weather has been a balmy 50 degrees, and it's been wonderful! I know it won't last long, and we will again be in the throws of winter. In fact, starting Tuesday they are calling for SNOW.

Hopefully it won't snow till I am at home, and can get some pics of Peanut out in the snow. LOL.. You would think that by the way I am typing that I am expecting a lot of snow, but they haven't exactly said how much white stuff we are going to get. Oh well...

January 24, 2009

January 24th, 2009

So I received my eyeshadow dujour in the mail this week, and wanted to share it with you.

It's Laura Geller Eye Rimz Baked Shadow in Hocus Pocus. The color is a smoldering black and metallic green. Here is what I found online at Laura Gellar's website about how to apply the shadow with it's ever so tiny brush!

Eye Rimz Baked Wet/Dry Eye Accents with Brush .042 oz

High pigment eyeshadow from Italy that transform like magic right before your eyes!

The dominant color in Eye Rimz is pitch black, swirled with white and colored pearl, which when applied, produces multi-reflective results. Use as accent color rimming your eyes to take your look from wow to wowee!


- Used dry, provide rich dramatic payoff.
- Use wet for pure metallic color.
- The enclosed custom brush delivers just the right amount of product to create either look.

How to use:

1. Apply a thick line to the top and/or bottom lash line with the enclosed brush.
2. Use these magic eye accents to go from day to night in one easy application.

Laura Says:

"Eye Rimz is a must have to make your peepers pop!"

It's gonna take more than a few tries to be able to use this one!!

January 23, 2009

January 23rd, 2009

Ah, yes! Mark is home. Last night we hung out and made some pretzels! LOL... and that's not code for anything. They turned out pretty good. I asked Mark if he was sure he didn't want to be a cook or some sort of chef. The man is always making food....always! And while I am on this steroid that is bad news... I think I put on 5 pounds in one night due to how much I was eating. Note to self... pack low cal snacks! Luckily I am almost done with this steroid and when I looked at my side, it's almost completely clear. Oooo... I should have done a before and after post of my rash... but then again I am not completely sure any of you would have wanted to see that!

For today, I will be traveling with Mark to a job sight. He has to do some measurements for a pool... should be fun, and cold. I don't mind helping him sometimes with his pool stuff, it's pretty interesting. Plus we get to spend some time together, and after him being away for 3 weeks, and about to be in New Jersey for 3 days, I want to spend a lot of time with him. Now that he's back he has a lot of work to do to gear up for the spring and summer. So he will be away at a Pool Conference for 3 days. Piece of cake, I can handle that!

I'm also hoping that today I can get a minute to spray the garage for fleas! That's right.... you read that correctly! FLEAS! Over last summer, my brother's cats got fleas. Well he never did anything about them in the garage, and when he left he left us with the fleas. So my dad has been dragging his feet about spraying for fleas, and since both my parents smoke and it's been really cold, they have been going into the garage to smoke. Thus bringing in fleas on them, and then those fleas seem to take refuge on Peanut. Yes, I put flea and tick stuff on him year round, but when they live in your home, you have to do more than that.

Let me put it to you this way, before my brother's cats, Peanut NEVER had fleas.... EVER. Those fleas are going down! Is it just me, or is this steroid making me feisty?

January 22, 2009

January 22nd, 2009

Mark is back! I actually got to see him for a little over an hour last night, he stayed up as long as he could just to spend time with me. And he brought me back a gift... A shirt from Brazil!!!

It's pretty cool. It's yellow and as far as I know, no one looks good in yellow, but you know after I wash it I am going to wear it! It looks like one of those soccer shirts everyone wears, wait excuse me, football. Not to be confused with our football. Course I don't quite understand how we can call our football, football, when feet don't always come in contact with the ball. Only when they are kicking field goals, and giving it back to the other team. Yea.... all those hours of watching football with Mark, are making me knowledgeable.

Last night I was watching Ghost Hunters International, and guess what? They were in Lima, Peru.... Mark was just there!!! I think last week's episode was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.... which he was just at as well. Pretty cool I think. Mark doesn't believe much in ghosts or spirits... I do...but that is a story for another day!

Last but not least, I subscribed to RSS feeds of the White House Blog... and I was able to download President Obama's Inaugural Address! Pretty cool. I can't wait to see what else the White House posts on their blog.... too bad you can't leave comments. Good gracious, could you even imagine the amount of comment it would get? Millions......

January 21, 2009

January 21st, 2009

You know I love a good find, and this past weekend at Target I had a great find! Well I saw this cosmetic bag, but I didn't like it as a cosmetic bag, I decided I liked it better as a purse.... well that's exactly what I did!! One of my birthday gifts was a gift card to Target! I love me some Target....

And I know this is a bit late, but I have to share my other birthday gifts with you as well.

Another one of my birthday gifts was this awesome magnet from Cindy... she also got me a really cool t-shirt. I don't have any place to stick this magnet, so I have it propped up on my bookshelf...

Lucia got me a gift card to Sephora and I have a lovely eyeshadow making it's way to my door as I type! So when it arrives I will share it with you.

I intend to do some sole shopping for myself as a little treat. I am in the mood for some great shoes, and I know just where too look. I would love these lovely Steve Madden soles but I have to watch my budget this year... and $150 is just outta reach.... so I will have to look for something similar at a lower price. I mean this year I have my best friend's wedding and I have to make sure I have enough cash for Vegas for the batchellorette party.... We are only going for a weekend in August, but a lot can happen in a weekend.... especially if you have 10 girls going!

One more thing before I go! Mark is due home today, and I am so excited. I am sure he will be in late, so I will get to see him tomorrow. But I know he will call me when he gets home, or text me. Either way, he will be home, and I will stop feeling like there is something missing from my day... I know sappy, but true.

January 20, 2009

January 20th, 2009

Mark will be home in one day and I am so excited! I have missed him so much, and thankfully the time went buy quickly. I have one more pic to share with you!

Toes in the sand! I'm jealous that in the month of January he got to stick his toes in the sand. Mark did say the water was really cold, so he didn't do much swimming! I think this would be a great photo to use for a travel agency or something... You could put in a caption that says something catchy!

Today is also the Inauguration Day of Barak Obama, and I will be at work. Hopefully I can catch history happening, and due to the wonderful fact that I can watch tv on my cell phone, I won't miss a beat on CNN. Nice! Hope you all are able to catch it as well where ever you may be.

I also have a very funny video to share with you. Enjoy!!

January 19, 2009

Janurary 19th, 2009

Sean's surprise birthday was so much fun. I got to his mom's house around 645 pm, and that was great timing because they left the their place around 650 pm. Lucia was texting as Sean drove so she could let us know what was going on. He had no idea what was going on. When they got to the bridge and were 5 minutes away she sent another text, that's when all the lights went out, and everyone got into place.

It was so exciting because as he came through the door everyone shouted "Surprise!" he almost fell over from being so surprised! It was really funny. Sean spent 20 minutes walking around in a daze saying hi to everyone, and he didn't even realize who I was until I said, "thanks for paying for my birthday dinner." Ha ha, when I went out to dinner Sean wasn't able to make it, so he sent his credit card with Lucia, and paid for dinner.

The cake! What an awesome cake Lucia got for him!

Here is Sean getting ready to cut the cake after everyone sang in unison Happy birthday!!

Robyn, myself and Cindy!

The party was so fun! I wish I could have gotten a pic with Lucia, but she was walking aorund saying hi to all his family and what not, so she was just a touch busy.

January 18, 2009

January 18th, 2009

When I was in Target the the other day, it really wish I had a place of my own, because I saw these lovely prints.

This one is my fave!!!

It's been so cold that Peanut and I have been snuggling under the blankets while at home. I don't think he mind too much judging from this pic!

Yesterday was my best friend's fiance's SURPRISE birthday party... Pics up tomorrow with all the details. Have a great day everyone!!!

Oh one more thing, my rash is already starting ot heal. It has started to fade in color and my skin is getting smoother by the day. I'm so happy the prednisone is working!! Some of the places are also starting to peel, I guess the skin hat was damaged has to come off to make way for new healthy skin. YAY!!!!

January 17, 2009

January 17th, 2009

Let's start at the beginning of yesterday! I woke up, ate some breakfast, and headed off to my doc appt at 1130 am. I got there at 11, so that I could fill out any paperwork, and what not. I spent a hour in the waiting room, waiting for a room to open, and then an hour in the room waiting for my primary care doc to see me. When he finally saw me, it was around 1 pm. My rash is a rash caused by some sort of virus and he gave me some stuff to stop the itching, and a perscription for Prednisone, to get rid of the rash.

Now the only thing I don't like about the Prednisone is that when I know I am full after eating, it makes me still feel hungry. Prednisone is a steriod, and that means I really have to watch what I eat while taking this, because I will put on weight like no one's business. Fun!

After the doc apt I had to rush home and grab a friend to go with me to the Mary Kay thing. Now I thought it would only be about 2 hours and then we would be outta there. Let's just say we got there at 230, and then didn't leave until 630-7pm. It was fun, but man were we hungry when we left. The lady felt bad and sent us home with some trail mix, which was really nice of her.

Once home I was finally able to eat dinner, and afte that I got my perscription filled. Luckily the perscription was $4, which was awesome. I dreaded going to see my doc and getting a perscription because I have no health insurance. I'm hoping this year of 2009, I can graduate from small time radio to big time radio and remedy that issue.

Peanut and I spent the rest of the night snuggling in bed, as the temp outside dropped down -1 degrees. While watching tv, and resting up from my really long day, Mark sent me a text message via Yahoo Messanger, and then I hopped online so that we could chit chat for a bit. He said he was tired and that they went to see the Christ the Redeemer yesterday. His brother and the rest of the gang from work, that showed up when they got to Rio, went to go experience the night life, but Mark wanted to stay in. Which is cool. Traveling can take a lot outta you! So here are some more pics that he just uploaded!

Hotel pool.... Mark loves pools and he sells and builds them for a living, so I'm not surprised he took a picture of a pool.

I love this picture...... I feel like I am there, peaking out.

Here is Mark and Christ the Redeemer in the background. I like this picture too!

Here is just Christ the redeemer! Beautiful...

January 16, 2009

January 16th, 2009

Yay, what a great birthday!!

My best friend and I

Cindy and Janelle
Getting ready to blow out the candle.....

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa..........

Mark called to wish me happy birthday and he said he tried to text me 10 times Happy birthday, and loves, and kisses. Awww... makes my heart melt. He is too sweet! I can't wait till he gets home, which should be sometime around the 21st.

Now onto more pressing matters. Today I have a doc appt for the rash on my side, there has been very little improvement, and I really want it gone. After that I have a free face thing with a Mary Kay lady, should be fun. Full report tomorrow!

January 15, 2009

January 15th, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

This is a look back at birthday past, taken last year on the weekend following my birthday. I celebrated by having a drunk day.

What is a drunk day? Drunk day is where drink for 12 hours, and you also have to make sure you drink plenty of water between drinks so that you don't kill your liver. Drunk day can be very fun if you do it correctly.

This year there will be no drunk days, but their will be dinner at PF Changs! And you can expect to see the same faces in pics from tonight.

January 14, 2009

January 14th, 2009

On my desk at work I have a pair of charming Fu Dogs. They are the only things I have decorating my office, mostly because I don't want to make it feel permanent.

It is said that the Fu Dog was the guardian of Buddhist temples, thus warding away evil that would disturb the peace of the temple. Now why do I have Fu Dogs on my desk at work? Because they are charming and frankly I don't want anything to disturb the peace.

I found these resin Fu Dogs at Target, and they were marked down to $1 a piece at the end of summer. I was also able to buy two, sets of two, chopsticks sets for $1.50 a piece then as well. I have placed them in my box of kitchen items for when I get my own place again.

Mark called me today and he is now in Rio de Janeiro. I checked to see if he had posted any new pics, but he hasn't. I asked him if he was going to see, as I like to call it, the Giant Jesus, and he should be going to see that in the next couple days. The Giant Jesus is actually Christ the Redeemer, and is located on the Corcovado Mountain. What was cool is that he called me from Yahoo messenger from my cell phone. I hope he didn't have to pay anything for it. There was so much background noise though, it was hard to hear him. He said he would try to call me again tomorrow. He better call me tomorrow! Tomorrow is my birthday!!!

OK on tap for tomorrow is work during the day and then after work, dinner at PF Changs with Lucia, Cindy, and Janelle. Should be fun times, and yes there will be pics. Gosh... I carry my camera everywhere, and my cell phone has a camera too. So I have two cameras on me at all times. Obviously one is better than the other, but sometimes one is easier to get to. LOL

January 13, 2009

January 13th, 2009

OK, I have a pic to share of Mark's stop in Chile. I'm not afraid to say I got it off his facebook page. Ha ha. He is posting pics there as the days go by, and then I get to see them before he gets home.

I love this photo he posted. I love the sunflower, and statue of Mary in the background.

When I look at Mark's travel pics I almost feel like I am there with him, because I am seeing them as he posts them. I wish I knew where this was, but I know it was while he was in Chile. It looks as though it is some sort of garden or park.

So a week ago I noticed a funny patch of skin on my side. I thought I had maybe scratched myself or something and treated it with some neosporin. Well.... Saturday I was looking over my side because I was really itchy. Turns out now I have some sort of rash or skin irritation. I bought some Cortizone 10, and have been applying it a few times a day since Sunday. The itchy is less now, and some the redness is gone. But if I don't see an improvement by Thursday I will have to make a doc apt.

The thing is I have no idea what triggered this. I have sensitive skin, but I don't usually get rashes or anything. I have touched things and had my hands itch and swell, and I have also digested food which caused skin irritations. So we shall see what happens. Hopefully it's nothing too serious, if so I won't have $$ for Mark's birthday gift I'm planning on getting him. I'll be really bummed about that because the idea I have is really awesome.

January 12, 2009

January 12th, 2009

Well I am just days away from my birthday and I am kind of looking forward to eating at PF Changs! Last time I ate there was for my best friend's birthday. The food was so good!!!

Well I managed to get some more pics from Mark. I actually got them off his facebook.... here you go. Here's one of a lovely waterfall on the way to/from Machu Picchu. I'm sure if he saw this coming or going, but look......

Breath taking isn't it?

Mark is in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and in a few days he will then go to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hopefully I get some more details of his trip to share with you.

In other news I finally got a hold of the head HR lady at XM. The position I applied for has not been filled, but including myself and some internal applicants, there are 150 candidates for the position. So what I have to do now is stay positive and still keep my eyes open... 2009 is a new year with new possibilites.

January 11, 2009

January 11th, 2009

Above is a pic of Mark during our video chat. It was pretty cool. I liked it because even though he is in South America, it was like he was right there. Mind you I could not touch him, but I could see and hear him! He is doing great, and he is having a blast. While in Chile they have visited a winery, and he had 8 glasses of wine. Ha, that's a lot of wine for him. He's not much of a drinker, and according to him Asians don't process alcohol as quickly as other people. I'm not sure how right he is on that one, but that's still a lot of wine. He said he wrote down the name of the winery and that when he gets home, we will see if we can find the wine from there in our local wine store. Apparently they ship 80% of their wine to the US. Very cool. As soon as I see more pics of his trip, I will try and post them here, for you to see.

Today he is supposed to hopping a plane to Rio de Janeiro, and then he will email me again so that we can video chat again.

Saturday I was out and about all day. I woke up around 9-ish and went to work to finish up the Israeli radio program that runs on Sunday. The host didn't get me her music until 6 pm Thursday and I was not about to stay till 8 pm working on her show. So I opted to go in Sat morning. It was a good idea because then I was able to stop and get myself a bagel and cream cheese, and one for the Saturday guy. During the week I usually email the Saturday guy about the unusual happenings of my co-worker. The guy is more than a few sandwhiches short of a picnic. He is so paranoid and has a huge over compulsive disorder thing going on. I could devote a whole blog with pictures of his crazy signs, how he screwed the carpet to the floor, and many other things. Trust me, you would be wondering how the man still has a job. The funniest part about the whole thing is, even our clients come in saying how nuts the guy is.

After work, I called my older brother and we got lunch. On our way home, we stopped in an Italian Deli to grab a sandwhich for mom, and I took the pic above. The statue is so full of character!

After that my older brother and I went home, he then wanted to see a movie and we both wanted to see Bride Wars because we love Kate Hudson, and Anne Hathaway. The pic below is of a corner of the theater lobby. It was so unusually shaped, yet gave a great view of the parking lot. Ha ha.

Bride Wars was really cute, and kind of funny. The premiss is that two best friends get engaged and they both want June Weddings at a certain location. In a weird twist of events, their weddings get booked on the same day, at the same time, at the same location, and neither one wants to move the date. They end up arguing and playing all kinds of cruel jokes on each other. Now I am not going to tell you how the movie ends, but I will tell you it was a great ending.

January 9, 2009

January 9th, 2009

So my best friend sent me this pic of what her wedding dress will look like, only picture it in ivory. LOL. It's a very pretty dress and I am sure she is going to look lovely. By the way, as of this post, there are 295 days, 4 hours and 2 minutes until Lucia's wedding! I put a countdown thing on my phone. LOL

Today, I went and got the microphone thing to use with the video chat and it turns out my laptop does have a microphone already installed. I feel silly because I had no idea and bought something I did not need. I will return it probably, because it was $26. Thankfully I usually have no issues returning something to Best Buy.

While waiting for Mark to show up online, I was watching tv. Did you know Animal Planet has a show called Animal Cops: South Africa? The premiss is the same as the other Animal Cops shows, except it is in South Africa. I had no idea they had the SPCA over there. Seriously! It was very interesting to watch and see what animals they were helping. They even had a dog that had Pink Eye... if recall Peanut had Pink Eye back in December. Peanut's pink eye was cleared up in a week and he is no worse for wear because of it.

I'll keep you posted on how/if the video chat with Mark happened or if he called and how things are going.

January 8, 2009

January 8th, 2009

Ha ha.. I took this with my phone. It has a function where it can take multiple shots and put them all in one picture. Pretty cool I think.

Apparently it's very evident that I am missing Mark, because according to my boss I am not my normal self. LOL.. Yea I miss him, but I didn't think it affected me that much. I guess I was wrong.

Speaking of Mark, he is in Santiago, Chile and got in very late in the evening. He was already up because of construction outside the hotel where he was at. Hopefully he can get some sleep soon, I know how cranky he gets when he doesn't sleep. Hopefully he can find an Internet cafe so that we can video chat tomorrow. If not he said he would call me.

Ok I'm off to do some work. And I will have to go to Best Buy to get a microphone thing for my laptop if we do video chat, because for some reason it doesn't have one. I may work in radio, but when it comes to computers, things get fuzzy.

January 7, 2009

January 7th, 2009

Here is the pic of Mark at Machu Picchu that he sent me yesterday. Machu Picchu is beautiful, but Mark looks like he is making a funny face. LOL

January 6, 2009

January 6th, 2009

Ha ha... I labeled some of my 2009 posts as 2008, woops..

Moving on.

I heard from Mark again today. Mind you it took him 3 days to get back to me and I was starting to get worried, but he is fine. Right now they are in Cusco and tomorrow they are heading to Santiago, Chile. They spent the last 3 days at Machu Picchu, and he sent me a pic of himself with Machu Picchu in the backgroud. I will post the pic in my next blog, if I remember.

Starting tonight I am making an effort to get back into the routine of doing yoga. My best friend's wedding is in October and I need to be a toned, fabulous Maid of Honor. I already walk a half hour everyday with Peanut, and that is great. It kind of irritates me when my family help me out and walk him for me, because they throw off my walking routine. Peanut isn't just a pet or my best furry friend, he is my motivator to walk more. In the summer when it's hot (not heat advisory hot), we take trips to the park and walk around the pond. One year we even went to Quiet Waters park in Annapolis, and walked the paths to the dog beach. Peanut doesn't much care for water, so he was not thrilled about the dog beach. LOL

Well a while back AOL had this 10 pose Yoga workout you could print out, which I totally did. It is a short workout, but I liked it. I liked it because it was short, effective, and I didn't have to pay someone $100-200 a class. If you follow the link below you can see the yoga workout and possibly print it out for you to try.


I would not call this a resolution, I don't make those because I end up forgetting about them and and not following through. I call this a goal, to get into doing this 3 times a week, starting tonight.

January 4, 2009

January 4th, 2009

Check it out!! I got my phone replaced today!!! After work I called the Sprint store to see if they had received any new phones, and they had.

It was funny when I took the phone in, the guy asked how I knew the camera had a manufacturer defect. I told him, "well there is a spot on the camera, and it is under the cover for the lense, which obviously means it happened during manufacturing." LOL... how dumb do they think I am? I know most of the general public drink from the stupid pool, but I like to know what I am talking about.

Anyway, I go the phone swapped out for a good one and I am super happy about it.

In other news, from the Bridal Expo yesterday, the Mary Kay lady that I filled out a thing for called me and said I won a free skin care thing... nice. I hope she isn't too pushy when I meet her on the 16th. I hate super pushy sales ladies....

Well I am off to watch the Green Mile... I love this movie, and I never get to see the beginning.

January 3, 2009

January 3rd, 2009

The Bridal Expo was a lot of fun. Instead of driving into the city, we chose to Metro the way in, and the metro stop was less that a block away from where we needed to go. So it was really convenient.

For the most part it was really fun, but wow weddings are expensive! I did see one wedding dress I liked....

It was very similar to this dress..... unfortunately I am not getting married and I am pretty sure this dress would be very expensive. LOL... I have Champagne taste and a beer bottle budget.

A couple days ago I email Mark (yes I emailed him the day he left), and I heard back from him today! He has arrived in Peru just fine. They rented a car and then got pulled over for speeding or some sort of infraction, and then... it gets really good here... the officers tried to shake them down for $200. That's in US dollars! Well they weren't going to give them the money ..and the cops decided to arrest them. On the way to the police station, the cops pulled over and told them they would let them go if they tipped them for good police work. Mark, his brother, and their friend gave the cops a total of $32.00.

Sounds like they are having quite the adventure!!!

January 2, 2009

January 2nd, 2009

So New Years day I drove Mark to a friend's house to meet up with them and then leave to go to South America. I did really good this year, I did not cry on the way home. He should be back from is trip on January 21st, and hopefully I will hear from him.

After I woke up for the day, I got dressed and headed out to my best friend's house. I tested the GPS function on my new phone and got there with no problems at all. It was awesome. I spent the day with her and her fiance, hanging out and watching movies. I have come to the conclusion that I need some sort of thing to put my phone in on the dash so that I see the map function as well as hear the turn-by-turn directions.

Today though I went to the Sprint store to try and swap out my phone. You can see from the pic above that when i take pics there is a black dot in frame and it is kind of annoying. Unfortunately they were completely out of my phone, and I could not swap it out. I will check back again later, to see when they get in some more phones.

I took the pic above while in the parking lot of Target. I saw the bird in the wheel and thought it was cute... and funny. Hey it's been about 30 degrees today, and I don't blame the bird for trying to find some shelter.

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