December 3, 2008

December 3rd, 2008

This morning Peanut and I had an exciting morning. We awoke to him having his right eye covered in a sticky mess. I took him outside to go potty and then I took a warm wash cloth to his eye to loosen and remove any caked on build up. I noticed his eye was red and watery so I called the vet, and made an appointment. I was thinking maybe he got something in his eye while walking last night, that was SO not the case.

Dr. Jim checked Peanut's eyes for a scratch and did a pressure test, and then made the ruling after shining a light in his eye and under his eye lids, that Peanut has Pink Eye! I never knew until today that dogs or cats could get pink eye. It's apparently not that common, and the vet assured me that unless I stick my finger in his eye, swish it around, and then promptly stick the same finger in my eye and do the same, I could not get it. (Ha, the image in my head is hilarious. Oh how I wish I could draw cartoons!) Course that doesn't mean that I won't be washing my hands thoroughly after cleaning or applying antibiotic ointment on his eye.

Poor guy! So for one week Peanut gets 1 drop of antibiotic ointment in each eye, 3 times a day, as well as 1 tablet of antibiotics twice a day for a week. I've already briefed the girl that is walking Peanut this weekend, and she is stopping by Thursday night to go through the process of administering antibiotics. Thankfully she seems ok with it.

Fun times!

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Gerri Ward said...

Oooh Marie,
Poor Peanuts, it breaks my heart to hear he's sick! I'll say a prayer for him that he fully recovers real soon. Thank goodness for antibiotics.
You taught me something, I never knew animals could get Pink Eye. I thought only humans could, it's awful too. Well one thing for sure is Peanut has a great Mom who is observant and takes excellent care of him!

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