January 20, 2009

January 20th, 2009

Mark will be home in one day and I am so excited! I have missed him so much, and thankfully the time went buy quickly. I have one more pic to share with you!

Toes in the sand! I'm jealous that in the month of January he got to stick his toes in the sand. Mark did say the water was really cold, so he didn't do much swimming! I think this would be a great photo to use for a travel agency or something... You could put in a caption that says something catchy!

Today is also the Inauguration Day of Barak Obama, and I will be at work. Hopefully I can catch history happening, and due to the wonderful fact that I can watch tv on my cell phone, I won't miss a beat on CNN. Nice! Hope you all are able to catch it as well where ever you may be.

I also have a very funny video to share with you. Enjoy!!


the famous nemo said...

thats why i need me some money...

~Marie~ said...

Ha ha... we all need some money!

Gerri Ward said...

This really is a great photo for a travel ad !!! An ex-boyfriend invited me to go, airfare and hotel was included but I declined although it was a historical moment, my ex is history and I do not wish to repeat it!!!! Besides he's snooty and travels in an even snootier crowd which is sooo unlike me!
My sister said I was stupid because I could have been part of History and didn't even have to pay!!!! - Well it's too late now!

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