January 15, 2009

January 15th, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

This is a look back at birthday past, taken last year on the weekend following my birthday. I celebrated by having a drunk day.

What is a drunk day? Drunk day is where drink for 12 hours, and you also have to make sure you drink plenty of water between drinks so that you don't kill your liver. Drunk day can be very fun if you do it correctly.

This year there will be no drunk days, but their will be dinner at PF Changs! And you can expect to see the same faces in pics from tonight.


Gerri Ward said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday !!!
Marie may you have a wonderful birthday today and may all of your wishes come true !!!!!

p.s. May you and your friends have lots of fun tonight!!!!

~Marie~ said...

Thank you Gerri! I had a wonderful time at PF Changs with my friends. The only thing missing was Mark, but he should be home soon.

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