January 21, 2009

January 21st, 2009

You know I love a good find, and this past weekend at Target I had a great find! Well I saw this cosmetic bag, but I didn't like it as a cosmetic bag, I decided I liked it better as a purse.... well that's exactly what I did!! One of my birthday gifts was a gift card to Target! I love me some Target....

And I know this is a bit late, but I have to share my other birthday gifts with you as well.

Another one of my birthday gifts was this awesome magnet from Cindy... she also got me a really cool t-shirt. I don't have any place to stick this magnet, so I have it propped up on my bookshelf...

Lucia got me a gift card to Sephora and I have a lovely eyeshadow making it's way to my door as I type! So when it arrives I will share it with you.

I intend to do some sole shopping for myself as a little treat. I am in the mood for some great shoes, and I know just where too look. I would love these lovely Steve Madden soles but I have to watch my budget this year... and $150 is just outta reach.... so I will have to look for something similar at a lower price. I mean this year I have my best friend's wedding and I have to make sure I have enough cash for Vegas for the batchellorette party.... We are only going for a weekend in August, but a lot can happen in a weekend.... especially if you have 10 girls going!

One more thing before I go! Mark is due home today, and I am so excited. I am sure he will be in late, so I will get to see him tomorrow. But I know he will call me when he gets home, or text me. Either way, he will be home, and I will stop feeling like there is something missing from my day... I know sappy, but true.


CC said...

LOVE those shoes, but I would only be able to afford the magnet! Hope you enjoyed it all.

~Marie~ said...

LOL... Those shoes would make my day! I would wear them almost 24/7.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, well if you were wearing those shoes while you welcomes Mark home I am sure he would never go anywhere again. Yowsers! Hah. Those are serious f me shoes. But seriously, I am happy for you your man is coming home.

Gerri Ward said...

What a fab idea to actually turn this lovely cosmetics bag into a purse! You just gave me an idea-Thanks. I luv Target too because you can always find anything and everything at a steal! I solely agree with Madden's fuchsia sole it's dreamy and sooo perfect for Vegas, $150 is steep but you know what go for it! Okay maybe you shouldn't listen to me the Queen of Debt but you only live once! I still can't believe Mark is returning home today, seems like yesterday he left but then again my Mom is back sooo I can believe it!
p.s. I luv your Birthday gift too it's sooo you- Pretty!

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