January 17, 2009

January 17th, 2009

Let's start at the beginning of yesterday! I woke up, ate some breakfast, and headed off to my doc appt at 1130 am. I got there at 11, so that I could fill out any paperwork, and what not. I spent a hour in the waiting room, waiting for a room to open, and then an hour in the room waiting for my primary care doc to see me. When he finally saw me, it was around 1 pm. My rash is a rash caused by some sort of virus and he gave me some stuff to stop the itching, and a perscription for Prednisone, to get rid of the rash.

Now the only thing I don't like about the Prednisone is that when I know I am full after eating, it makes me still feel hungry. Prednisone is a steriod, and that means I really have to watch what I eat while taking this, because I will put on weight like no one's business. Fun!

After the doc apt I had to rush home and grab a friend to go with me to the Mary Kay thing. Now I thought it would only be about 2 hours and then we would be outta there. Let's just say we got there at 230, and then didn't leave until 630-7pm. It was fun, but man were we hungry when we left. The lady felt bad and sent us home with some trail mix, which was really nice of her.

Once home I was finally able to eat dinner, and afte that I got my perscription filled. Luckily the perscription was $4, which was awesome. I dreaded going to see my doc and getting a perscription because I have no health insurance. I'm hoping this year of 2009, I can graduate from small time radio to big time radio and remedy that issue.

Peanut and I spent the rest of the night snuggling in bed, as the temp outside dropped down -1 degrees. While watching tv, and resting up from my really long day, Mark sent me a text message via Yahoo Messanger, and then I hopped online so that we could chit chat for a bit. He said he was tired and that they went to see the Christ the Redeemer yesterday. His brother and the rest of the gang from work, that showed up when they got to Rio, went to go experience the night life, but Mark wanted to stay in. Which is cool. Traveling can take a lot outta you! So here are some more pics that he just uploaded!

Hotel pool.... Mark loves pools and he sells and builds them for a living, so I'm not surprised he took a picture of a pool.

I love this picture...... I feel like I am there, peaking out.

Here is Mark and Christ the Redeemer in the background. I like this picture too!

Here is just Christ the redeemer! Beautiful...


Gerri Ward said...

I'm glad you have something to stop the itching! Mark's photos are beautiful and just in time to look at because it's snowing like crazy and it's freezing outside. The statue of Christ the Redeemer is such a beautiful photo but to see it in person is even more wondrous.
Thanks for sharing these photos, they've warmed me up!

~Marie~ said...

So glad I could warm you up... it's pretty cold here and last night we had flurries. Brrrr....

Good news, the rash is already starting to heal.

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