January 22, 2009

January 22nd, 2009

Mark is back! I actually got to see him for a little over an hour last night, he stayed up as long as he could just to spend time with me. And he brought me back a gift... A shirt from Brazil!!!

It's pretty cool. It's yellow and as far as I know, no one looks good in yellow, but you know after I wash it I am going to wear it! It looks like one of those soccer shirts everyone wears, wait excuse me, football. Not to be confused with our football. Course I don't quite understand how we can call our football, football, when feet don't always come in contact with the ball. Only when they are kicking field goals, and giving it back to the other team. Yea.... all those hours of watching football with Mark, are making me knowledgeable.

Last night I was watching Ghost Hunters International, and guess what? They were in Lima, Peru.... Mark was just there!!! I think last week's episode was Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.... which he was just at as well. Pretty cool I think. Mark doesn't believe much in ghosts or spirits... I do...but that is a story for another day!

Last but not least, I subscribed to RSS feeds of the White House Blog... and I was able to download President Obama's Inaugural Address! Pretty cool. I can't wait to see what else the White House posts on their blog.... too bad you can't leave comments. Good gracious, could you even imagine the amount of comment it would get? Millions......


Gerri Ward said...

I am sooo glad Mark is back! Guess what I was watching Ghost Hunters too! I luv this show, I haven't missed an episode, but I wonder why they're only showing Ghost Hunters International !!! My fav ghost hunter is Steve !!!
p.s. If you go http://www.pic2009.org/whitehouse you can see Obama's Agenda pertaining to different topics.

~Marie~ said...

They are only showing GHI because GH is filming their new season... Steve is my fave too!

I was looking over the agenda last night. I didn't delve to deep though.... I will do that another day!

CC said...

Glad Mark is back! The shirt may look better after it is washed a hundred times and not so yellow anymore...LOL

~Marie~ said...

LOL... I dunno.

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