January 16, 2009

January 16th, 2009

Yay, what a great birthday!!

My best friend and I

Cindy and Janelle
Getting ready to blow out the candle.....

Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaa..........

Mark called to wish me happy birthday and he said he tried to text me 10 times Happy birthday, and loves, and kisses. Awww... makes my heart melt. He is too sweet! I can't wait till he gets home, which should be sometime around the 21st.

Now onto more pressing matters. Today I have a doc appt for the rash on my side, there has been very little improvement, and I really want it gone. After that I have a free face thing with a Mary Kay lady, should be fun. Full report tomorrow!


Gerri Ward said...

Wow! Marie it looks like you had a great Birthday Outing with your friends. Can you believe it, Mark will be home and it seems like he just left, time flies! Oh and does it fly, my mom will be back Monday with lots of DRAMA !!!!

p.s. Marie I hope you feel better, oh how is Peanut doing?

Henry the Dog said...

Happy belated birthday and say hello to Peanut xxx

CC said...

Happy belated birthday! Really looks like you had a wonderful time. Ihope all worked out at the doctors and your rash is nothing serious, please keep us posted.

~Marie~ said...

Hi Everyone!!

Gerri- yes time does fly! And yes it was a wonderful birthday. Good luck with your momma and her drama.

Henry- Thank you and I will let Peanut know you said hi!

CC- Thank you, I have a full report coming up on the rash, so stay tuned.

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