January 3, 2009

January 3rd, 2009

The Bridal Expo was a lot of fun. Instead of driving into the city, we chose to Metro the way in, and the metro stop was less that a block away from where we needed to go. So it was really convenient.

For the most part it was really fun, but wow weddings are expensive! I did see one wedding dress I liked....

It was very similar to this dress..... unfortunately I am not getting married and I am pretty sure this dress would be very expensive. LOL... I have Champagne taste and a beer bottle budget.

A couple days ago I email Mark (yes I emailed him the day he left), and I heard back from him today! He has arrived in Peru just fine. They rented a car and then got pulled over for speeding or some sort of infraction, and then... it gets really good here... the officers tried to shake them down for $200. That's in US dollars! Well they weren't going to give them the money ..and the cops decided to arrest them. On the way to the police station, the cops pulled over and told them they would let them go if they tipped them for good police work. Mark, his brother, and their friend gave the cops a total of $32.00.

Sounds like they are having quite the adventure!!!


Gerri Ward said...

Marie, first:
That dress is sooo elegant, and believe me you're not the only one with Champagne taste but at least you have beer budget I'm on the brink of no budget! Secondly, when I was in Brazil the same thing happened to me and my then boyfriend we even made the news simply because he refused to pay and for some odd reason the news media was on the scene because they were looking for kidnappers! It was crazy, I remember crying and thinking I was going to be held in some prison for the rest of my life for no reason! Thanks to the media we were not arrested because they caught it on tape!
Needless to say, I broke up with him when I returned home. I'm glad all is well with Mark,his brother and friend !!!

~Marie~ said...

Oh my goodness! I hope he doesn't have any more problems, I would hate to have to see him on an installment of Lock up Abroad, the tv show. But knowing how he and his brother behave when they get together, they probably were doing something stupid, now that I really think about it. LOL

You were really lucky because the media was there. I have no doubt that some police officers play a part in kidnapping tourists to the areas, that's probably why you were let go.

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