January 25, 2009

January 25th, 2009

We seem to have some very confused lily's coming up in the front yard! I noticed them the other day when it was around 20 degrees and thought it was kind of odd. Recently the weather has been a balmy 50 degrees, and it's been wonderful! I know it won't last long, and we will again be in the throws of winter. In fact, starting Tuesday they are calling for SNOW.

Hopefully it won't snow till I am at home, and can get some pics of Peanut out in the snow. LOL.. You would think that by the way I am typing that I am expecting a lot of snow, but they haven't exactly said how much white stuff we are going to get. Oh well...


Live.Love.Eat said...

Our weather is very confusing as well. It went from very cold to very warm today. I could wear shorts today comfortably yet 2 days ago I was wearing a sweater. Not complaining though.

CC said...

I hope you and Peanut get the snow you are hoping for! Last week in SC they predicted a possible 4+ inches....I was so excited until I woke up and saw the grass and maybe five flakes. LOL I hope you are luckier than we were.

~Marie~ said...

Hey Everyone!


Weather can be so picky! It drives me crazy, course I would not complain if I could be wearing shorts in the winter.

CC -

We haven't had any snow yet except flurries, so I want it to snow and get it over with really. Ha ha. Snow is really pretty though.

Gerri Ward said...

What a wonderful sign of Spring, I think hmmm, maybe it'll be an early bird and brings lots of sunshine and warm weather, I hope!!!
p.s. I can't wait to see the photos of Peanut in the snow I know they'll be cute!!!!

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