December 31, 2008

December 31st, 2008

Ok, ok. One more video! I love Katy Perry. Her songs are so catchy, and this one makes me hop and dance around like no one's business. So lets end the year with this toe tapping song! The video is pretty funny too. I didn't notice the male bridesmaid in a dress until the end. LOL

I really like the green eyeshadow she is wearing towards the end... I need to find that color!!

December 30, 2008

December 30th, 2008

As we wind down the year I want to take a moment to share another favorite song of mine.

The band is Incubus, and I love them. I also think the singer is pretty hot, but put a bunch of tattooed band guys in front of me and I usually drool. That's what makes Mark so great, he isn't a tattooed band guy. I dated those...they are kind of douchey. LOL

I love cranking this song and singing along with it!

December 29, 2008

December 29th, 2008

With only a couple days left of 2008 I wanted to do a brief year in review.

2008 started off with Mark heading to China, Thailand, and Australia for 3 weeks with his brother. It was the longest 3 weeks of my life. At the end of January, Mark and I attended the wedding of my friends Colin and Karen. It was the first of 3 weddings we attended this year.
It was a lovely wedding.

Going into the spring it was pretty quiet. I was busy spending my tax return on my Peacock feather tattoo, and paying off my credit cards, only to use them again.

During the summer Mark and I went to Deep Creek, MD with some friends of his. During the weekend trip I thought I had a cold, but as the weekend went on I discovered it was actually Strep Throat. My older brother was already living with by this time with his cats, and I have reason to believe I got it from them.

As August approached, Mark and I attended another wedding. This one was for my friends Jessica and Tommy. Their wedding was actually just the reception, but was lovely regardless.

Let's not forget the baby shower I attended for my friend Gillian who had a bouncing baby boy in October!! It's safe to say that I was the one friend who did not buy baby clothes and bought baby blankets, bath toys, and a bottle brush. Frankly, kids grow fast and I wanted her to be able to actually use the items.

November came in the land of the weddings and Mark and I were once again in attendance of our friends Ashleigh and Leo's wedding.
Talk about a lovely wedding! They spent thousands of dollars on this wedding which was solely a celebration of the two of them. Too bad it was held on a Sunday, or else Mark and i would have been there all night partying!
Then of course Mark and I took our Bahamian cruise, which was great.
This year was all about the weddings! I had little money problems, but my budget was pretty tight. I only had one real big car problem, and I'm thankful Peanut only had pink eye.
I'm looking forward to 2009.... and hopefully I can attain my goal of a new job. I applied at XM recently and today I called to see if I could pester someone into interviewing me... unfortunately they are on vacation until Jan 5th, 2009. Another part of 2009 I am looking forward to is my best friend's wedding. I know it will be a blast and I look forward to sharing everything with you through pictures and more as the 2009 year developes.

December 28, 2008

December 28th, 2008

This weekend I took my Christmas cash and went to the Sprint store! Yup, I bought my new cell phone.

From A Day In My Life... Photos and More

I really like it. The slide out keyboard is taking some getting used to because I have never had that before. It has a navigation tool for driving directions, and ways to link to your myspace or facebook. I haven't quite figured out how to send pics to my myspace yet, but I will figure it out. The screen has a great sized color display that is pretty awesome. I of course can still access Sprint tv ( I use that at work sometimes) and the music features (kind of makes it like having two ipods). I will however have to stop at the Sprint repair place... seems as though there is something wrong with the camera. It has a black spot that shows up in pics and that shouldn't happen. There isn't anything stuck to the lense that I can see, but who knows. I'm not too upset by it, but it's a little annoying. LOL

What I did get flustered over this weekend was the fact that when I took my car to get the check engine light, which had turned off, to be checked, no one would check it because the light was no longer on. It makes no sense to me because I know that the code as to why it was on stays in the computer up until you have turned on the engine 50 times. All I kept hearing was that it was probably the gas cap, and that since it went off everything is ok now. Yea I don't want to know what it "probably" was, I want to know for sure what it was.

I have a really short work week ahead, so I will be pretty busy. I will try and schedule some posts to come up, which is what I did last week. So to everyone that commented on those, thank you and Merry Christmas back at you! LOL

Next weekend I get to try out the navigation feature on my phone though, as my best friend and I will be attending the Great Bridal Expo in hopes of her winning some stuff for her wedding. Should be great fun and full of crazy bride-zillas!!

Her wedding is October 31st, 2009, and it will be held at her parents house. She is in the process of tracking down a caterer, a dj, and photographer. Then next on the agenda is making plans for the bachelorette party. We know where we are going, we have an idea of how many are going, we just have to book it. LOL

Wedding planning is crazy... and fun!

December 27, 2008

December 27th, 2008

I want to take a moment today to remember an icon.

Her name was Eartha Kitt.

Eartha was born January 17, 1927, and she passed on December 25th, 2008.

Eartha Kitt was 81 years old.

She was an American actress, singer, and cabaret star. She was perhaps best known for her 1953 Christmas song "Santa Baby". Which is, by the way, my favorite Christmas song ever!

I was lucky enough to see her when she stopped in Washington, D.C. this year. She was phenomenal! And she had a body that I wish I will have at the age of 80. Frankly her legs were like a 20 year old's!

December 26, 2008

December 26th, 2008

I had a wonderful Christmas full of family and fun. And I hope you did as well.

Today is the day after Christmas and I have some things to do. One of them is to go to the auto parts store by my house and get them to check out my check engine light on my car. I had been putting off until the holidays were over and wouldn't you know it, it turn off Christmas Eve! Well now I really want to know what caused it to come on, and what caused it to turn off. I also have to get the code that the computer reads out and take it to my dealer to see if there is any recall info that hasn't been made public.

But that is not why I write today. Today I write to share a good cause... a good cause via shopping! I stopped at Sephora online this week and picked up this charming change purse for $5 (that wasn't the only reason, I needed a new mascara and was not about to go to the mall with all the crazy people out). Here is the run down straight from Sephora's website:

The Sephora Project Change Purse
What it is:A change purse to change the world.
What else you need to know:The Sephora Project Change Purse is one small, useful, and charming accessory that can help make a difference. We're changing the world, one change purse at a time. The Sephora Project is an initiative created to educate and empower women whose mission, like Sephora's, is to make the world a more beauty-full place.
When you purchase The Sephora Project change purse ($5), three dollars from each purse will be donated to Girls For A Change, a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. Experience the beauty of being part of this positive cause.

Well, how could I not join in!

December 25, 2008

December 25th, 2008

I just want to take a moment to say Merry Christmas!!! Hope you all have a wonderful day, and for those of you who don't celebrate Christmas, have a wonderful Holiday!!!!

December 24, 2008

December 24th, 2008

"It's Christmas Eve, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse!"

December 23, 2008

December 23rd, 2008

I got home Monday evening to find a box on my door step! Inside was the boots I ordered from Steve Madden. I love them! And they are so warm! In fact I wore them today while braving the cold temps!

You can bet they are going to a permanent part of my winter attire!!!

December 22, 2008

December 22nd, 2008

So just as I said I would, here is a picture of my Peacock feathers tattoo. This was the night I got it finished after I cleaned it up and wiped away the excess ink and what not.

Do I have any new tattoos on the agenda for 2009? No, but I plan on getting my angel tattoo re-done. She is/will be 10 years old and because she is on my shoulder and gets exposed to sun regularly in the summer, she kind of looks like a big gray blob. LOL.... I'll be sure to have before and after pics of that when it happens, which won't be until after tax return time.

Thankfully it won't cost nearly as much as this one!

December 21, 2008

December 21st, 2008

Well it took me a little over a week, but here is day three of my cruise.

If you want, you can go back to day one by clicking here, and day two by clicking here.

Day three seemed to be the most tiring! We walked from the port of Nassau all the way too Ardasta Gardens. Ardasta Gardens is a conservatory for animals and plants, and they give you a map so you can walk around and look at the birds and animals. On out adventurous walk, Mark and I got really excited when we saw a flamingo cross the path ahead of us. It was so exciting! We both have seen flamingos before, at the National Zoo, but never just roaming free. As we walked around taking pics of the flamingos, Mark was testing how close he could get without getting bit. He was able to get pretty close, but as soon as the flamingos started honking, Mark and I took a step back. LOL.

On my way back to going to see some parrots that I wanted to get pictures of, I noticed one of my favorite birds chilling under some bushes. Peacocks!! I love all the colors of their feathers, and as mentioned before have gotten Peacock feathers tattooed down my side(extremely painful, yet beautiful). So you can imagine how funny the sight must have been as Mark is chasing down flamingos and I am chasing down Peacocks. LOL

After Ardasta Gardens, we sat for a while on a bench in Nassua near the port. Mark smoked a cigar and we just watched life go buy. One thing that was really funny, was that while we were sitting on the bench, a horse drawn carriage went buy. The driver, in an attempt to ge us to hop in, asked if we had ever "made love in the back of a carriage." LOL... He promised if we got in and went for a ride he wouldn't look. LOL... it was really funny, but not something I would try. Especially in a busy, tourist area!

Once back on the boat, Mark and I took a 3 hour nap, waking up in time for dinner. After dinner we attended the Farewell Show, which included funny questions the cruise director gets asked. One was "How do the crew commute to work?" Another was, "Is the water in the toilets salt or fresh water?" As you can imagine I was laughing so hard I tears coming out of my eyes. After the farewell show we played some Bingo, and tried to win some money. And the last thing we did that night was watch a crazy scavenger hunt. Some of the items of the scavenger hunt were so crazy, like .... the group number (everyone was in groups that was participating), a man's belt and 3 bras. Women were just ripping off there bras like it was nothing. It was totally insane.

Day four was our trip back home and I have no pics of that. We were so tired that picture taking was not on the list of things to do.

All in all it was a good trip. I enjoyed our weekend get away. And I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Day Three Pics:

December 20, 2008

December 20th, 2008

Wow, I almost typed 2009! Ha ha. Well we aren't out of 2008 yet, even though I am ready to take on 2009. Don't worry I will have a 2008 recap at the end of December.

I wanted to post another pic for Christmas. It's our outside display. It not really grand, but quaint. Three deer and a tree, to be exact. Friday night Mark and I swung by this house that had it's lights timed to music, and you could hear the music IF you tuned your radio to a certain frequency. Pretty cool if I must say so. It must have taken a lot of work to make all those lights flash in time to the music!

Here is our front yard display!

The good news is that I officially finished all Christmas shopping! Mark finally picked out his wallet he wanted, but he doesn't get it until Christmas.

December 19, 2008

December 19th, 2008

With my best friend and I working out her wedding details, I can't help but to entertain the idea of what I want my engagement ring to look like.

A few years back I was dating this guy, who obviously was not the perfect match for me. He asked me one day if the two of us were to get engaged what ring would I want. Ha ha, I promptly pulled a picture I took from a magazine of the Cartier ring called Ballerine and said I would not say yes if it wasn't this ring. It was down right cruel of me to do that, but the fact of the fact of the matter was I knew deep down we were not meant to be.

Fast forward to now! I have been dating Mark for two years now. We plan on moving in together sometime in 2009. And if I had to guess when we would be married it would be before I am 30. LOL.. in fact he said to me one day, "Don't worry. You will be married before you are 30." I'm turning 28 in January, so his window of marriage before I'm 30 is closing, LOL. I am perfectly smitten with him, and the fact is if he asked me to hop a plane to Vegas tomorrow to get married, I would. The scary thing is I have never thought or felt that way before.

So during my down time at work the other day I created this beautiful thing on It would have a 1 carat, Asher cut, good quality diamond with two pink sapphires on the sides; Size 7. Frankly I will probably never see Ballerine on my finger, her price tag is in the 20 thousand range, and she is terribly hard to find. The ring I created, with wedding band included, would cost around 5 thousand, and could be shipped out next day if so desired.

I printed out the details and have placed it in my wallet, this way if the question ever comes up of what I want, I will be ready. That's what my best friend did. Well actually she put the link to the ring she wanted in the favorite's menu on her fiance's laptop. LOL... clever, isn't she?

December 18, 2008

December 18th, 2008

A touch of Christmas!!

The newest ornament on our tree this year. It's a schnauzer, like Peanut!! Except it's ears aren't cropped.

And then there is my absolute favorite ornament, the Peacock. Peacocks are my favorite bird, they are so colorful.

I even spent part of my tax return last year on a tattoo down my left side, along my ribs, of Peacock feathers. One day I will put a pick of it up, it's quite lovely.

December 17, 2008

December 17th, 2008

This week I made a stop at my favorite chocolate store, to pick up my favorite truffle that is only sold around the holidays. The Snowman Truffle from Lindt. Mmmmmmm..... It's a heavenly mixture of a milk chocolate shell, filled with creamy white chocolate.

Interestingly enough, one night Mark and I watched "How it's Made" and they showed how Lindt makes their delish truffles. I also learned that white chocolate is not really chocolate, but coco butter. And the inside of a truffle is made in w ay that it melts quicker than the shell, giving it that cool, yet creamy texture.

December 16, 2008

December 16th, 2008

I am not even half way through the day 3 photos of my trip...and it's exhausting editing them. I'm not sure why, but it is. Hopefully it won't take me too much longer and I will have them up for you.

Despite the fact that Sirius/XM went through a merger and laid off a shit-ton of people, I perused their website today for jobs. I found one, and applied. The job market is very few and far between, but I will think positively and then starting Monday calling the XM/Sirius building in D.C., where the job is located, non-stop until I get some sort of response. Since it isn't that far of a drive I will even drive down every Friday if I have to until I hear something. I also sent an email to one of our company's former employees, who left to go to XM last month, to see if they know who I should call and follow up with. On my Plaxo contacts, I also have the VP of Music, and will only harass him if it comes down to desperate times.

It's not that I don't have any contacts in radio, it's that this career path is a hard one to follow. I love what I do, and sometimes I think of throwing in the towel, but only when I just feel so low, that I feel like it's impossible. Right now nothing is impossible!

Moving on.... I have been receiving emails from Steve Madden once a day since black Friday. They have all kinds of sales and stuff going on, and one of them is giving away free shoes. I have yet to win anything, but I'm hopeful. If not then I will use the 35% coupon attached to those emails for these:

I love them! L.O.V.E. Them!!!! In fact the back of them says love, which I love! LOL... I know, I know. I have to finish my holiday shopping before I buy these, I hear ya! Guess I better encourage my boyfriend to go pick out his wallet this weekend. LOL And they are on sale for $80, but with the 35% off, I will pay a whopping $69 for them! So that's pretty good beings that their reg price is $100.

I've made up my mind, they will be mine.... hopefully!

December 15, 2008

December 15th, 2008

So the party I went to this weekend was great, and everyone loved the Carmelized Chili Shrimp I made. MMmmm....Mark couldn't make it because he had a pool thing to attend, and I think the funniest part of the night was when my friend Janelle said that she didn't think Mark look Asian. Ha...

I'm a little bit tired today, but I wanted to share with you this pic from Saturday. I took Peanut to see Santa Paws, and made him where his Santa jacket so that they matched. Peanut looks so sweet in this pic!

Ok, off to complete some work... work that I just don't feel like doing!

December 12, 2008

December 12th, 2008

Whew! Day two done. I hope you enjoy the pics of day two. It was a lovely day and I had a great time that day. Walking along the water's edge collecting sea shells, watching Mark play volley ball, relaxing under the palm trees while looking out into the blue waters of the Bahamas.

I'll start on day three tomorrow, mostly because I have so much to do. I have a couple errands to run. I already took Peanut to his follow-up appointment, and the good news his pink eye is gone. So happy! I was going to stop by the Lindt Chocolate store, but I work near there, so I can do that on my way home one night. I also have to find a place to check out why my check engine light came on last night, and if they can check it for free that would be awesome. Hopefully it's nothing serious... I can't afford another thing for my car after the $600 wheel sensor replacement, and brake job. Today though I am going to get my Product (Red) Holiday cards from Hallmark. They support AIDS, and HIV relief in Africa. It's my little part of doing some good for someone I don't know this holiday season.

I still have to shower and cook this yummy treat that I am making for a party tonight. But before that I have to go to the grocery store for a couple items that aren't in our pantry or fridge. I love the recipes I find in this blog.

Oh before I forget, here are the pics from Day Two. Enjoy!!!!

December 11, 2008

December 11th, 2008

I am almost finished editing Day Two of my weekend cruise, but I still can't shake the feeling that I am still on the boat. Hopefully it ends soon, the swaying motion makes me quite nauseated at times. LOL. Day Two should be up by Friday, so be sure to be on the look out!

Some of you may remember this post from a while back, about the hunt for a new cell phone. Well I have great news! The Holiday Bonus I was not expecting to get because of a crappy economy, will be arriving in my checking account this month. Yay! Once I get all my holiday shopping done, I will treat myself to two items. One being the new cell phone, which will be the Samsung Rant (all reviews I have read say great things about this phone). The other item will be a new pair of soles (shoes for those of you who haven't been reading this blog). I haven't decided if the soles will be heels or cushy sheerling boots, or a combo of both if I can find it. Either way they will be stylish and just what my tootsies need for winter.

Ok, off to attempt to work. Working with a swaying feeling is quite challenging........

December 9, 2008

December 9th, 2008

Today I finished editing Day 1 of the trip... and I must say I did it all while still feeling like I am still on the boat. I have this swaying feeling, and it seems to happen every time I either go on a cruise or fly a plane. I suspect I may have some sort of vertigo, but it should go away in about a week. Crazy, I know.

Well instead of posting all the photos from day one here, I put together a little gallery via photoshop. You can follow this link to see what I put together. (

If I can figure out how to post it here, I will. But until then follow the link. Enjoy Day One, and I will post another blog once I get Day Two edited and ready to go!

December 8, 2008

December 8th, 2008

I'm back, and I feel like I am still on the boat! LOL At one point the ship was rocking. So while I sit here and edit pics, take a sneak peak on what happened at our stop in Nassau, Bahamas. This short vid was taken at the Ardastra Gardens.


December 5, 2008

December 5th, 2008

I'm off on my trip to the Bahamas!!

Full report on Monday when I return and pictures too!!

December 4, 2008

December 4th, 2008

Today I want to take a moment to say, Peace out Hercules! My brother left his pigeon at our house and has no intention of ever picking him back up. Hercules is not well though, he seems to be suffering from seizures and doesn't come out of them until you start poking at him. It happens at least everyday. So when I took Peanut to the vet yesterday for his pink eye, I asked if they would be willing to euthanize a pigeon. After I explained the details of his health, they willing agreed, stating that it would be better for the pigeon to be euthanized rather than continuing to let him live and suffer from seizures.

Hercules lived a good life. He was rescued off the streets when he was found with a broken wing, and taken in. Although I am not surprised my older brother wants nothing to do with his pigeon, I am a little angry that he didn't take the time himself to ask a veterinarian about euthanizing the bird a while back when the pigeon first started showing signs of a seizure problem. I mean, he pretty much left the pigeon in a filthy cage when he moved out of our house, with no food or water.

Now I don't want anyone thinking that we are euthanizing Hercules because we don't love him or animals for that matter, it's because he is really sick and his quality of life is not what it should be. It is better for him to be euthanized, rather than to live in pain and suffering.

Peace out Hercules! May your days in pet heaven be filled with endless bird seed, popcorn, and angels to poop on.

December 3, 2008

December 3rd, 2008

This morning Peanut and I had an exciting morning. We awoke to him having his right eye covered in a sticky mess. I took him outside to go potty and then I took a warm wash cloth to his eye to loosen and remove any caked on build up. I noticed his eye was red and watery so I called the vet, and made an appointment. I was thinking maybe he got something in his eye while walking last night, that was SO not the case.

Dr. Jim checked Peanut's eyes for a scratch and did a pressure test, and then made the ruling after shining a light in his eye and under his eye lids, that Peanut has Pink Eye! I never knew until today that dogs or cats could get pink eye. It's apparently not that common, and the vet assured me that unless I stick my finger in his eye, swish it around, and then promptly stick the same finger in my eye and do the same, I could not get it. (Ha, the image in my head is hilarious. Oh how I wish I could draw cartoons!) Course that doesn't mean that I won't be washing my hands thoroughly after cleaning or applying antibiotic ointment on his eye.

Poor guy! So for one week Peanut gets 1 drop of antibiotic ointment in each eye, 3 times a day, as well as 1 tablet of antibiotics twice a day for a week. I've already briefed the girl that is walking Peanut this weekend, and she is stopping by Thursday night to go through the process of administering antibiotics. Thankfully she seems ok with it.

Fun times!

December 2, 2008

December 2nd, 2008

I love it when I find things I thought I lost, or completely forgot about. That is the case with one of my most unique pieces of jewelry. I must have packed it last December when I went to Mexico with Mark, because when I found it I got all excited.

It's a fork with the fork part bent to hold a stone in place and to make a cute design. I got it from 9th Life in Baltimore, MD, while I was out drinking with my friend Jill one day back in 2006...I believe. I haven't seen anymore bracelets like this one, and it's not every one's fave. But I like unique jewelry, which sometimes poses a problem for those who want to purchase jewelry for me. Like my mom will pick out rings she likes and then show them to me, and they aren't something I would wear. It's safe to say my tastes in things are way different than my mom's.

I'm pretty much all packed for the weekend getaway, except for toiletries and shampoo. I also have to make sure my camera is fully charged, and that I pack my cell phone charger. It's 3 days's almost hard to believe that it's 3 days away.

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