December 18, 2008

December 18th, 2008

A touch of Christmas!!

The newest ornament on our tree this year. It's a schnauzer, like Peanut!! Except it's ears aren't cropped.

And then there is my absolute favorite ornament, the Peacock. Peacocks are my favorite bird, they are so colorful.

I even spent part of my tax return last year on a tattoo down my left side, along my ribs, of Peacock feathers. One day I will put a pick of it up, it's quite lovely.


Henry the Dog said...

I'm loving it. It looks just like me, except it looks neater. I'm kinda like that but a bit tattier. Mum's a bad mum when it comes to grooming. Say hi to Peanut:)

Gerri Ward said...

Oooh Marie, it's Peanut all the way, I luv it! The Peacock is my fav bird it's sooo amazingly beautiful! I want a tattoo on my wrist, maybe a ladybug. Anyway your tattoo sounds incredibly lovely! Did it hurt? 8 years ago I got my navel pierced and that was sooo painful hopefully not as painful as being tattooed.
p.s. I luv your Christmas tree!!!!!

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