December 16, 2008

December 16th, 2008

I am not even half way through the day 3 photos of my trip...and it's exhausting editing them. I'm not sure why, but it is. Hopefully it won't take me too much longer and I will have them up for you.

Despite the fact that Sirius/XM went through a merger and laid off a shit-ton of people, I perused their website today for jobs. I found one, and applied. The job market is very few and far between, but I will think positively and then starting Monday calling the XM/Sirius building in D.C., where the job is located, non-stop until I get some sort of response. Since it isn't that far of a drive I will even drive down every Friday if I have to until I hear something. I also sent an email to one of our company's former employees, who left to go to XM last month, to see if they know who I should call and follow up with. On my Plaxo contacts, I also have the VP of Music, and will only harass him if it comes down to desperate times.

It's not that I don't have any contacts in radio, it's that this career path is a hard one to follow. I love what I do, and sometimes I think of throwing in the towel, but only when I just feel so low, that I feel like it's impossible. Right now nothing is impossible!

Moving on.... I have been receiving emails from Steve Madden once a day since black Friday. They have all kinds of sales and stuff going on, and one of them is giving away free shoes. I have yet to win anything, but I'm hopeful. If not then I will use the 35% coupon attached to those emails for these:

I love them! L.O.V.E. Them!!!! In fact the back of them says love, which I love! LOL... I know, I know. I have to finish my holiday shopping before I buy these, I hear ya! Guess I better encourage my boyfriend to go pick out his wallet this weekend. LOL And they are on sale for $80, but with the 35% off, I will pay a whopping $69 for them! So that's pretty good beings that their reg price is $100.

I've made up my mind, they will be mine.... hopefully!


Gerri Ward said...

Hi Marie,
Keep hanging in there, good news is on its way and never, ever let go of your dream no matter what obstacles you encounter! It's impossible to not luv these lovely soles, that's what they're all about: L-O-V-E !!!
p.s. Knowing me, I would go ahead and buy them before I finished my Christmas shopping that's why I'm always in debt! Good for you for being logical.

~Marie~ said...

Thanks Gerri! These soles are all about LOVE, which is one of my fave things.

Trust me, I have had to "train" myself to not shop for myself and blow christmas $$ on things. It was a long, painful process. LOL

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