December 2, 2008

December 2nd, 2008

I love it when I find things I thought I lost, or completely forgot about. That is the case with one of my most unique pieces of jewelry. I must have packed it last December when I went to Mexico with Mark, because when I found it I got all excited.

It's a fork with the fork part bent to hold a stone in place and to make a cute design. I got it from 9th Life in Baltimore, MD, while I was out drinking with my friend Jill one day back in 2006...I believe. I haven't seen anymore bracelets like this one, and it's not every one's fave. But I like unique jewelry, which sometimes poses a problem for those who want to purchase jewelry for me. Like my mom will pick out rings she likes and then show them to me, and they aren't something I would wear. It's safe to say my tastes in things are way different than my mom's.

I'm pretty much all packed for the weekend getaway, except for toiletries and shampoo. I also have to make sure my camera is fully charged, and that I pack my cell phone charger. It's 3 days's almost hard to believe that it's 3 days away.


Anonymous said...

What unique jewelry! I luv it. My mom and sister have the same taste. I am very happy to say my taste is just mine. I envy you sooo! You're getting away from this frigid air, lucky you! I'm sure you'll have a blast of fun and sun. Peanut I know is going to miss you terribly but I'm sure you'll call to say Hi to him. Take lots of photos!

~Marie~ said...

I will call to say hi to him, I have to. I just checked the weather and it's supposed to be in teh 80's....oooooo

And thanks.

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