December 26, 2008

December 26th, 2008

I had a wonderful Christmas full of family and fun. And I hope you did as well.

Today is the day after Christmas and I have some things to do. One of them is to go to the auto parts store by my house and get them to check out my check engine light on my car. I had been putting off until the holidays were over and wouldn't you know it, it turn off Christmas Eve! Well now I really want to know what caused it to come on, and what caused it to turn off. I also have to get the code that the computer reads out and take it to my dealer to see if there is any recall info that hasn't been made public.

But that is not why I write today. Today I write to share a good cause... a good cause via shopping! I stopped at Sephora online this week and picked up this charming change purse for $5 (that wasn't the only reason, I needed a new mascara and was not about to go to the mall with all the crazy people out). Here is the run down straight from Sephora's website:

The Sephora Project Change Purse
What it is:A change purse to change the world.
What else you need to know:The Sephora Project Change Purse is one small, useful, and charming accessory that can help make a difference. We're changing the world, one change purse at a time. The Sephora Project is an initiative created to educate and empower women whose mission, like Sephora's, is to make the world a more beauty-full place.
When you purchase The Sephora Project change purse ($5), three dollars from each purse will be donated to Girls For A Change, a national organization that empowers girls to create social change. Experience the beauty of being part of this positive cause.

Well, how could I not join in!


Gerri Ward said...

Happy Holiday!!!

Marie I luv this purse. I'm going to purchase one right now. Thanks
Also I'm sooo glad you had a great Christmas I did too until the ceiling of my bathroom crashed due to the snow!!!!

~Marie~ said...

Oh no!!!! I hope your bathroom is ok and there isn't too much damage.

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