December 9, 2008

December 9th, 2008

Today I finished editing Day 1 of the trip... and I must say I did it all while still feeling like I am still on the boat. I have this swaying feeling, and it seems to happen every time I either go on a cruise or fly a plane. I suspect I may have some sort of vertigo, but it should go away in about a week. Crazy, I know.

Well instead of posting all the photos from day one here, I put together a little gallery via photoshop. You can follow this link to see what I put together. (

If I can figure out how to post it here, I will. But until then follow the link. Enjoy Day One, and I will post another blog once I get Day Two edited and ready to go!


Gerri Ward said...

Wow! Marie you have many memories of day one that's for sure and they're great memories at that! Your photos look like postcards especially the ones of the sun setting-they're beautiful.

~Marie~ said...

Thanks Gerri! Editing and putting together the pics from the trip is so time consuming, but totally worth it. Just wait till you see days 2 and 3!

Henry the Dog said...

Peanut is cool, I look a bit like him at the moment, since mum had me shorn. My ears flop over but all the Schnauzers I see from the US and Canada seem to have ones that stick up. Are they a different type of Schnauzer to me?

~Marie~ said...

Henry I hope you are following comments, but I will also stop by your page to repeat this.

Peanut is the same kind of Schnauzer as you. The only difference with the ears is that they are cropped as puppies to make the ears stick up.

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