December 28, 2008

December 28th, 2008

This weekend I took my Christmas cash and went to the Sprint store! Yup, I bought my new cell phone.

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I really like it. The slide out keyboard is taking some getting used to because I have never had that before. It has a navigation tool for driving directions, and ways to link to your myspace or facebook. I haven't quite figured out how to send pics to my myspace yet, but I will figure it out. The screen has a great sized color display that is pretty awesome. I of course can still access Sprint tv ( I use that at work sometimes) and the music features (kind of makes it like having two ipods). I will however have to stop at the Sprint repair place... seems as though there is something wrong with the camera. It has a black spot that shows up in pics and that shouldn't happen. There isn't anything stuck to the lense that I can see, but who knows. I'm not too upset by it, but it's a little annoying. LOL

What I did get flustered over this weekend was the fact that when I took my car to get the check engine light, which had turned off, to be checked, no one would check it because the light was no longer on. It makes no sense to me because I know that the code as to why it was on stays in the computer up until you have turned on the engine 50 times. All I kept hearing was that it was probably the gas cap, and that since it went off everything is ok now. Yea I don't want to know what it "probably" was, I want to know for sure what it was.

I have a really short work week ahead, so I will be pretty busy. I will try and schedule some posts to come up, which is what I did last week. So to everyone that commented on those, thank you and Merry Christmas back at you! LOL

Next weekend I get to try out the navigation feature on my phone though, as my best friend and I will be attending the Great Bridal Expo in hopes of her winning some stuff for her wedding. Should be great fun and full of crazy bride-zillas!!

Her wedding is October 31st, 2009, and it will be held at her parents house. She is in the process of tracking down a caterer, a dj, and photographer. Then next on the agenda is making plans for the bachelorette party. We know where we are going, we have an idea of how many are going, we just have to book it. LOL

Wedding planning is crazy... and fun!

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Gerri Ward said...

Marie, I luv your phone! I'm in need of a new one as well. When it rains it pours, my car is acting a little weird I think it's trying to tell me something but mechanically I just don't understand it sooo I need to have it checked out.The Great Bridal Expo is going to be fun to go to but October 31st is going to be extremely fun for a wedding, I luv that idea! I do say you have a lot of fun coming your way in 2009! Lucky you.
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