December 19, 2008

December 19th, 2008

With my best friend and I working out her wedding details, I can't help but to entertain the idea of what I want my engagement ring to look like.

A few years back I was dating this guy, who obviously was not the perfect match for me. He asked me one day if the two of us were to get engaged what ring would I want. Ha ha, I promptly pulled a picture I took from a magazine of the Cartier ring called Ballerine and said I would not say yes if it wasn't this ring. It was down right cruel of me to do that, but the fact of the fact of the matter was I knew deep down we were not meant to be.

Fast forward to now! I have been dating Mark for two years now. We plan on moving in together sometime in 2009. And if I had to guess when we would be married it would be before I am 30. LOL.. in fact he said to me one day, "Don't worry. You will be married before you are 30." I'm turning 28 in January, so his window of marriage before I'm 30 is closing, LOL. I am perfectly smitten with him, and the fact is if he asked me to hop a plane to Vegas tomorrow to get married, I would. The scary thing is I have never thought or felt that way before.

So during my down time at work the other day I created this beautiful thing on It would have a 1 carat, Asher cut, good quality diamond with two pink sapphires on the sides; Size 7. Frankly I will probably never see Ballerine on my finger, her price tag is in the 20 thousand range, and she is terribly hard to find. The ring I created, with wedding band included, would cost around 5 thousand, and could be shipped out next day if so desired.

I printed out the details and have placed it in my wallet, this way if the question ever comes up of what I want, I will be ready. That's what my best friend did. Well actually she put the link to the ring she wanted in the favorite's menu on her fiance's laptop. LOL... clever, isn't she?

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Gerri Ward said...

Marie this ring is sooo elegant! I luv it, you have excellent taste and you know what, sooner than you think it will be on your finger!

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