February 2, 2011

February 2nd, 2011

Boyfriends, Burritos & an Ocean of Trouble. 

I like where this title is going.  That is the only reason I selected this book to read on my kindle, and sometimes that is all you need to read a book.

Bryn is 15 years old. Bryn also has a gorgeous boyfriend, who abuses her.  After a car accident that put Bryn in the hospital, where she has to explain the bruises to the doctor, nurse, cops, and (worse of all) her father, she finds a book in the lobby.  This book is special, she just doesn't realize it. 

This book is great for teenagers! Heck, I'm 30 and still really enjoyed it.  It took me back to when I was 15, awkward, and trying to find my place in this world (minus the abuse).  And to me this book is about just that.  Dealing with life in general, and learning and growing from it.  Where would we be if we didn't experience the things we have experienced in life?  Course Bryn's case of abuse makes her life lesson a little more serious.  Not like when you stay out too late and don't call home and get grounded. 

I definitely suggest this book for you and your awkward teenage daughter to read.  You both may learn something really great from it. 

Moving on.  Bet you didn't think I would have two books here, now did you?  Ha ha

Ok.  I don't have much to say about this book.  I read the first page and it didn't interest me at all.  In fact, the word LAME went screeching across my brain.  I know that when this happens to just stop reading.  Stop right where I am, and delete from Kindle. 

If you want to give it a whirl and read it, I am open to hear what you have to say about it. 

Now onto the next book!  Happy reading.


CC said...

Hello Marie!

I have been wanting to get a Kindle, and now they are afordable so I may get one for my birthday in June.

The fist book sounds great and I may check it out at the library. I have been so busy I have not written in ages on my blog so I am not sure when I will have time to read.

Anyhow, hope you and Peanut are doing well with all that weather up there.
Take care and have a great day!,

~Marie~ said...

Hi CC! The weather has been ok, compared to last year's double bizzard.

I will tell you this, I LOVE my kindle. I have the 3g and wifi version and it rocks! You will love it, I'm sure.

Have a great day CC!

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