December 5, 2010

December 5th, 2010


Check out my latest pair of earrings I put up in my Etsy shop.  The shop name is Marie’s Trinkets

I remember trying to figure out what my shop name would be, and I thought about how some people refer to jewelry as trinkets.  I only make earrings, mostly because I love earrings.  I have a few more pairs to post, and then I will try to make a pair that will be a little more difficult.  Maybe from pieces of jewelry chains, all different lengths.  I will also look into get some different types of feathers to make more feather earrings out of.  I’m also going to get some different posts for variety. 

I usually use the camera on my cell phone to take pictures of the earrings.  It doesn’t have a flash, so there is no reflecting light hiding my creation. 

I decided to start making earrings after I made myself a pair of Peacock Feather earrings.  (There are still two pairs left, so check them out.)  I have a vase full of Peacock Feathers, and really wanted to do something with them.  Why not earrings?  That’s how this got started.  Well that and I was laid off from my Radio station job when the company decided to close it.  I really thought long and hard about what I wanted to do.  I’m making a few changes in my work life.  I will stay in radio part time, learn how to become a dog groomer, and make earrings as a hobby to sell on Etsy. 

Getting laid off from my job was upsetting, but at the same time relieving.  It gave me an opportunity to try something new.  You know what they say: when one door closes, another one opens. 

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