October 5, 2009

October 5th, 2009

So as you know my older brother is moving to Mexico. He was selling all his stuff in yard sales and will post some furniture to craigslist to sell that as well. But after this past weekend's yard sale, he had a few items left over. I picked up this really pretty blue pitcher. I'm gonna miss my brother when he moves, but it's nice I will have a couple items to remember him by.


CC said...

Yes it will be nice to have something that belonged to him in your everyday life. It is beautiful.

~Marie~ said...

I can so picture using this pitcher for drinks, like margaritas, or sangria.

I will have to post the link to my brother's blog as well. He just started one, and it will be all about his Mexico adventures. What a great way to see what he will be up to.

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