October 6, 2009

October 6th, 2009

My brother took this picture of me the other night as we both sat at the kitchen table on our laptops.

His move is getting closer and he put together a little blog, to share all his adventures. He's just getting started, so there are only a couple posts. But check it out, you may see something interesting from time to time.

Here's the link: JT's Mexico Adventure!


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! I luv this photo of YOU!!!
I have to check out his blog!!!:)))

~Marie~ said...

Hey Gerri, just remember, he's just getting started, so there is only a couple posts. And thanks for checking it out!!

Live.Love.Eat said...

What a great pic. I had kinda forgotten what you looked like.

~Marie~ said...

Ha ha... thanks. I sometimes forget t post pics of myself.

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