October 27, 2009

October 27th. 2009

Here are a couple more pics from the when Mark and I went to that halloween party that I took with my camera. Mark went as Billy Mays.

And here you can see my make up better. I used a white eyeshadow and black liquid liner.

So I went to the doctor today for my ear infection, and Mark brought me flowers to help me feel better. He's so sweet! These tulips are so pretty, I can't wait till they open all the way.

And this is my ear.... it's all red and swollen. I have two antibiotics to take. One in pill form and one in drop form that I put in my ear. The doctor said I should be better in a week.


Forty Two East said...

He makes a perfect Billy Mays!!

Hope your ear is better soon.

~Marie~ said...

Thanks so much Debra. And yes he does make a great Billy Mays.

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