October 26, 2009

October 26th, 2009

Ugh... I feel so odd saying this at the age of 28, but I have an ear ache. Seriously! Not fun, and really quite painful. It actually hurts to wear an earring. I have a doc appt tomorrow, so hopefully it's gone before the weekend. This coming weekend is the much anticipated Halloween Wedding of my best friend. So exciting! I still have to write my wedding toast.

This past weekend I went to Mark's neighbor's Halloween party. It was fun, and I went as a mime.

I also have been dealing with my my car. You remember a while back I had to get my wheel bearing replaced. Easy-peasy, buy new wheel bearing hub, take old one off and put new one on. It's really impossible to mess up. Well the new one I put on the car, went after 7 thousand miles. So now I have another new wheel bearing hub on the car, and it making the same noises the other made before it went. A squeaking noise that isn't always there....I'm waiting to hear the kerchunk of the wheel bearing going while I'm driving. So I am torn (ok, maybe not really), do I keep trying to figure out what the heck is going on with the wheel, or do I take my car to the nearest dealer and say, "just take it!" The car has 78000 miles on it, but the wheel issues never seem to stop. Everyone says, get rid of the car.... what do you think? I'm taking all input on this situation. I'm a year away from paying it off, and was really hoping to be able to pay it off and save some $$ for a new car. But with the seeming never ending wheel problems, it's impossible to save any money at all.

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