April 24, 2009

April 24th, 2009

We have had quite the set of storms pass through recently. I know April Showers Bring May Flowers, but some of these storms look quite ominous!

I mean seriously…I was wondering if I should have hung out in the bathroom, that’s how ominous it looked out.

Surprisingly though Peanut did quite well with the storm. He is not much of a fan of thunder or fireworks. Who can blame him really, it is quite loud. I was happy he was not shaking during the storms. He just stuck close to me, and stood under things, like the kitchen table. He also very eagerly sat in my lap when I sat on the floor with him.

Last but not least, the building is nothing more than a pile of dirt! I’m amazed at how quickly the building came down. It wasn’t that big. Now what will go up in it’s place?

Tonight Mark has a soft ball game, which I can’t wait to go to. Last week they had their first game, which I missed because Lucia and I were seeing New Found Glory at Sonar in Baltimore. I hope they win, but most of all I hope they just have fun. Guys can be crazy testosterone creatures while playing spots… they get a bit over zealous. Full review tomorrow!


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! Marie that looks scary. I am sooo afraid of storms, I actually freak out - I have severe panic attacks! I'm glad Peanut did well!
I can't believe the building is gone,that was really fast. WOW! Your photos are really GREAT,you really should send them to Galleries. I hope Mark wins, have FUN !!!!!

~Marie~ said...

Those clouds were so dark it made me a bit nervous, but all was good once the rain started to fall.

That building came down really quickly, I'm still amazed at how quick it came down.

Gerri, thank you for the wonderful comments on my photos. I just take pictures of what I see, and hopefully it interests you just as much as it interests me.

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