March 6, 2009

March 6th, 2009

So after I decided to send back the shadow palette that was too glittery, I felt like I still needed a new color for my lids. So I went on a hunt, and found a lovely shade. It's this brown shadow that when light reflects off it looks like blue. And the brand that makes it is Too Faced... they call the shadow Label Whore. I really like it. And after a test to make sure there were no flecs of glitter, I have decided Label Whore will stay in my ever growing colorful collection.

Well I will be getting some work done on my car, as I will have the left wheel sensor rewired. I found out that the wiring was falling apart on Monday as my dash was lighting up, but only in slushy road conditions. I'm actually pretty glad it was caught early, and that I am not replacing a whole wheel sensor.


CC said...

What a name for the eye shadow! Yes, I too am glad you have found the problem with your car ebfore it caused any serious damage or worse yet hurt to you!

You left following my blog and I was SO happy I could still find you from on old commment you left. I will not lose you agian!

~Marie~ said...

CC, I don't believe I stopped following your blog, but I will look into this.

I'm glad you found me though!! Thanks for your comment. :-)

Gerri Ward said...

Marie, I luv this color! Hey when I was in California, I went to Saks and bought some make-up,well not exactly, I handed over my check card for some lipstick, self-tanner, eye-cream, eye-pencil and a couple of other things. The sales lady comes back and says your card has been declined and I'm saying that's impossible, it's my check card and I have the money, of course I did spend quite a bit a couple hours before but I still had the money in the account. Come to find out that make-up came to $843.00 I nearly died! Thank goodness it didn't go through because the bank said there was suspicious activity going on!!! Can you believe it, the eye-cream was $200 for a tiny jar. It was a French company, Sisleya. Crazy!!!! p.s the self tanner was $100 that's even crazier!!!

~Marie~ said...

Wow Gerri!! $843.00 on make up... were buying gold to put on your face? I kid, but that's enough to make me speechless! It's amazing what companies will charge for products.....

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