March 5, 2009

March 5th, 2009

Just a little pic of some icicles I took a couple days ago. They were hanging from the railing at my work. I think icicles are really pretty, too bad they are temporary.

Also one more note. Today is the last day to be able to Vote for Peanut and help raise money for pets to get spayed and neutered. If you haven't voted and donated visit the link under his picture!! Thanks to everyone who voted and donated, you did a great thing.


Gerri Ward said...

Marie, I luv icicles, they are sooo pretty, too bad they're no longer edible - Thanks to Pollution !!!
Peanut is and always will be a WINNER!!! HOORAY for PEANUT !!!!
Thanks Marie for addressing this cause - it's sooo important!!!

~Marie~ said...

It is a very important cause...I'm glad I could help out as much as I could. And Booo to pollution ruining icicles!!!

the famous nemo said...

that looks so cool, I cant wait till I move to denver so I can see some ice and snow, all we have here in San Antonio is sun and heat and the alamo hahaha

Live.Love.Eat said...

What a "cool" pic. Hah. I haven't been up close and personal with an icicle in years.

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