March 4, 2009

March 4th, 2009

I decided yesterday I was going to write a letter to Apple. Yes that's right, I took the time to type them a letter. It wasn't a nasty, hate infused letter, it was a "I'm pretty confused about the price of two items that are really similar, and think you might be trying to rip me off" letter. For months now I have wanted a new IPod, and I have been ritualistically staring at the IPod Touch. A friend of mine suggested the IPhone, but I really don't like AT&T, and will not switch cell phone providers.

Out of curiosity one day I checked out the price of the IPhone and it is $30 cheaper than the IPod Touch. These two items are so similar, I can't figure out why! The IPhone has the phone capabilities and a camera... the Touch has pretty much everything but those items.

Well let's see if they respond.... I want answers, and I want them to lower the price!


Debra said...

I hope you get a reponse!!
I get so confused on phones, and by the time I pick one they come out with new ones........

~Marie~ said...

I'll keep you posted on if I get a response.

Trish said...

I hope you get a response! I really want to have the new ipod nano! Hihi. :)

~Marie~ said...

Hey Trish! I like the Nanos too, but I already have one. It's the 1st generation one in black, before they made them in all those funky colors. Who knows I may end up getting a Nano.... we shall see.

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