February 23, 2009

February 23rd, 2009

According to the UPS tracking on my Steve Madden Shoe Order, my Fuchsia Heels are in transit and on time, and scheduled for delivery for tomorrow....

Let me tell you before these lovely soles were shipped, I had a brief scare. Steve Madden released the shoe early and my checking account I use for "fun money" and "unexpected expenditures" was just a touch below the total amount for the shoes. So, I received an email from S.M. stating there was a problem and to give them a call. The thing was I was going to make a deposit that night into the account and the money would totally be there next day. When I called, I spoke with a snooty, yet very helpful customer service guy, who was able to recycle the order and get it processed.

What a close call for such a loverly pair of soles...

I'm expecting another box today from Sephora... I ordered some make-up and a nail polish. I also ordered some hand lotion... this past winter has been brutal on my hands. And no matter what I use, it doesn't seem to help. My mom and I have the same issue with our hands. When they get dried out, our finger tips crack. It's not that painful, just very weird feeling. It happens on the side where our finger prints are, as well as around our finger nails and cuticles. It was because of this drying and cracking that when my mom was still working for a cell phone company, she was the only one who had a time card to use instead of finger print scanning. So I will be testing out Sephora's hand lotion and see if it helps... or not.

This morning the world is a-buzz with the Oscar winners... I frankly didn't watch them. I have been quite board with Award shows in recent years, but I will be sure to catch up with all the winners speeches on You Tube.

P.S. Don't worry pics of the long awaited S.M. Fuchsia Soles will be up as soon as they are in my hot little hands!


CC said...

What a scare, but OMG those Steve Madden Fuchsia Heels will be in your hands tomorrow! ENJOY!

Gerri Ward said...

Hi Marie,
Wow! That's a Scare - I've been in that position sooo
I know how it feels! My hands are very dry, I use balmex at night! Something is wrong with my MAC, I can't upload images but I'm going to try to post something! When it rains it pours!!!!!

~Marie~ said...

Hey Gerri, sorry to hear your Mac is being persnickety. I hope everything works out.

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