February 24, 2009

February 24th, 2009

When I got home yesterday, sitting on my dresser was a box from Sephora. My treasure of make-up had arrived....

Inside was a few samples, and my selection...

1 nail polish called "It's all about me"

1 tube of hand moisturizer, full report on this at a later date. But so far the smell reminds me of Gardenias.

and 1 palate of eyeshadow

You will notice that the colors of the shadow are pretty neutral... but that's OK by me because during the week while working I wear more neutral colors rather than my eye popping hot pink shadow or my tantalizing teal eye liner.

The shadow box came with a mini sponge applicator, but I will not be using it. I've grown accustom to using brushes, and now can't even fathom using those tiny spongy things on my eyes. Once you master the brush, you never go back.

Can you see me???


Gerri Ward said...

Marie what a pretty Spring color - I luv it!
I luv all of your goodies, I can't wait to see your Maddens! - Hmmm, what's your next purchase?

~Marie~ said...

Thanks! Well my next planned expenditure on myself will be getting my angel tattoo redone. That requires a touch of saving though.

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