February 19, 2009

February 19th, 2009

"Can I have that chicken treat now, please?"

Many times when I am at home I will often hear Peanut barking at the other end of the house. When I get there, he is sitting on my bed, staring at his drawer (it's labeled), and barking intently because he knows inside are the best treats he has ever tasted. The treats are made by Dogswell and are of course all natural... literally. I usually get Peanut the dried chicken breast treats, and recently I got him the apple and chicken treats. It's pieces of apple, with chicken wrapped around it. He get more excited about these treats than his buddy buscuits!!

I found the chicken breat one in Target recently, and then upon investigating a corner of the organic dog food store I go to, I found the apple and chicken ones.

I visited the Dogswell website and viewed thier information page, and they addressed teh issue of salmonelia contamination and how they prevent it in their treats. For example, the chicken breast jerky I buy is cooked for 10 hours at 160 degrees, to kill the bacteria and to makes sure nothing is left behind. As a concerned pet owner this is what I like to hear, especially with all the recalls that are going on with the Peanut butter, some of it even affecting pets.

**Don't forget if you haven't voted for Peanut and made a donation to the HSUS, you can follow the link on the right side of my blog. The votes end March 6th... and that's just around the corner.


Gerri Ward said...

Peanut is sooo Sweet and Adorable!!! It's really scary how people and animals are being affected by this contamination of peanuts. You post some really great informative stuff! p.s. After this photo of Peanut he's sure to get some more votes, I'm glad I voted for him!!!
Oh Marie don't forget to post your Fuchsia soles when they come!!!!

~Marie~ said...

Peanut is such a sweet puplet! :-) And yes it is so scary how people and animals are being being affected.

Thanks and I really hope Peanut gets a few more votes, the animal shelter I chose gets all the donations made when you vote for Peanut.

Don't worry I won't forget to post pictures of my fuchsia soles.

Live.Love.Eat said...

That is such a cute picture!

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