November 20, 2008

November 20th, 2008

One of my favorite past times at work, when I run out of work, is to browse the Perez Hilton web blog. Yup, it helps pass the time, and you can sometimes read juicy things about celebs, and look at funny pics. Though I will say it primarily feeds the voyeur in me. Sometimes looking into someone Else's life can be pretty interesting. So Perez is having a little "vote for your fave" thing, and I thought I would share my answers here.

Hottest HookupBiggest Breakup
Chris Brown and Riha...Madonna and Guy Ritc...
Favorite JonasBreakout Star of the Year
Katy Perry
Baddest Bad GirlBiggest Scandal
Amy WinehouseSluttyiena Miller's ...
Best DressedWorst Dressed
Angelina JolieAubrey O'Day
Hottest HottieCutest Celebuspawn
David BeckhamKingston Rossdale
Most ImprovedWorst Trainwreck
Nicole RichieLily Allen
Most DVR-worthy SeriesBiggest Box Office Blowout
True BloodSex and the City: Th...
Celeb of the Year
Barack Obama
Who would you vote for?
Go to to vote!
Ha, that was fun! OK, now back to work. The Israeli lady just got me her music for her Sunday program.


Anonymous said...

I like Perez Hilton too!
I'll have to go and vote, I like your picks!

~Marie~ said...

Thanks!! Perez can be hilarious.

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