November 21, 2008

November 21st, 2008

Well today is my day off and I got to see some snow flurries today as I was taking Peanut to the groomers. I recorded the video from the inside of my car. A little bit later I will be heading to my best friend's house for dinner. Should be fun!!

Today I also got in the mail one of the items from my picture store, a calendar.

I think it turned out great!!!

Oh if you want to check out my picture store there is a link to the right of my blog. And there is a sale going on this weekend!


Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
Peanut is destined for Walt Disney, this calendar should put him on the map of fame. I luv it!

~Marie~ said...

LOL... He's destined for something, that's for sure.

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