October 29, 2008

October 29th, 2008

Remember yesterday when I said my cell phone was "one more tumble away from being destroyed, especially where the flip part is?" Well, make it a half tumble away now.... yup.... I thought I had put my phone in my pocket... when I got out of my car, that was not the case. Every thing on the phone still works fine, which I am totally thankful for. But now I have to look at a this!

Since I am not totally prepared to buy a new phone just yet, I called Sprint to see if the Phone insurance I pay for each month covers this. It appears so, but there is a $50 deductible... I have 60 days to report the claim, plenty of time to determine what to do here. Now I am truly debating is this phone worth the $50 deductible, or would it be better to just get a new one? Kind of like with my first Ipod, Peanut chewed it up, it worked but the screen was damaged. It would have cost me $100 or more to get the screen fixed, yet a new Ipod would be $150. That one was kind of a no-brainer. My other question is whether or not my job will be handing out Bonuses this year... Last year I got $500, previous year was $300. If I am getting a Bonus I will know pretty soon, they notified me via email early to mid-November last year, so I think the smart choice would be to wait and see what my Bonus amount is. Until then... I ponder and look at that crack!

It's been quite chilly recently, and at night Peanut jumps out of his bed into mine and under the blankets. When I get up in the morning, sometimes he doesn't. This is what he looks like.... I mean it's like it's his bed or something! LOL

And last but not least on the picture end of things... here is some of my make-up collection. As you will notice I am not afraid of color. The more neutral shades I reserve for work and what not. The brighter more vibrant shades I wear whenever I feel it's right...


The Writer said...

Okay, how much would a new phone cost? All I'm going to ask about that right now, except in this year I would not spend my bonus before I got it.

Second...you mean that's not his bed?

And finally, I wish I looked good enough in makeup to own that much! When I wear it, I call it "my War mask" because I'm usually going to work, lol!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

~Marie~ said...

I'm still trying to determine how much a new phone would cost... The Rant, which I talked about yesterday is $299. But I would get $75 off the price and there is a $50 mail in rebate. Also, if I recycle my current-cracked phone I will recieve a $50 credit on my bill.

No that is definately not his bed!! LOL, even though he looks completely happy and like it infact does belong to him.

"War Mask"... I love it! Sometimes it can be considered a war mask to wear make up. When I worked for a grocery store I would match my eye shadow to my uniform, which was pretty fun. But I hated working in a grocery store!

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
Maybe you should wait since your phone still works. Peanut looks sooo cute what a sweet photo! I luv your make up, wow sooo many wondrous colors!

Debra said...

Peanut is too cute!!

Good luck with the phone issue, hope you are able to get a bonus. I agree sometimes it's almost cheaper to get a new one.

~Marie~ said...

Hey Everyone,

-Gerri, I'm definately going to wait since the phone still works.... I have plenty of time to think out my decision. Peanut is too cute for words sometimes. And thank you, I try to match my eye shadow to my shoes sometimes.

-Debra, thanks. Sometimes with electronics it is almost cheeper to get a new one.

The Writer said...

Ya gotta repost the Peanut costume!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

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