October 30, 2008

October 30th, 2008

Today has been down right crazy! I mean I have been on a roller coaster ride of a day. It all started with some news posted on a website and it took until about 2-ish for me to get the facts straight. Which is all I can say at the moment, believe me I wish I could divulge all, but I can't.

I have a few pics to post today, a couple you have already seen. They are of Peanut in his Halloween costumes of 07 & 08. I am entering him into a contest hosted by the Wandering Writer and her dog. Should be fun!

The other pic I had planned for today is of the sky. I took it yesterday when I was leaving work, it was just lovely. I think I may use it as my new desk top pic on my laptop at home.
Tomorrow is Halloween, and I am sure I will be handing out treats to the little neighborhood ghouls and boyles. I plan on decorating the porch Friday. I already have my carved pumpkin out and it has been lit all week at night. But there are a few items I still have to dig out... They are all candle holders and give the porch a creepy orange glow. So fun!!
Sat should be pretty quiet, I may go to the Sprint store and look over the Rant, just to make sure it's what I really want. I'm not purchasing anything yet. Sunday i have work early in the AM, and then a Wedding at 3 pm. Should be fun as it will last well into the evening. LOL..


The Writer said...

Perfect! He's definitely in the running! Love the sky picture too and what, pray tell, is the secret?

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
What another cute photo of Peanut, I luv it! Have lots of fun trick or treating, I plan on treating myself to a pair of shoes with a couple of my girl friends that is if I can find some in my budget! p.s. I luv the photo of the sky it looks like a post card!

~Marie~ said...


-The Writer, thank you. I'm not sure I have a secret though. I just see something I like and take a picture of it. My camera is always on me. :-)

-Gerri, I want to see pictures of new shoes! If I can't decide what shoes I'm wearing to the wedding, then I will totally buy a new pair myself. LOL. And thanks. :-)

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