October 25, 2011

October 25th, 2011

So I decided to do a little review of a website I recently tried to order from. It is called shearsforhair.com, and I'm not happy with their poor customer service.

Two weeks ago I placed a small order. I'm always looking for new places to shop for grooming supplies and stuff for my scissors, and I thought I would give them a try. Two weeks after placing my order, I heard nothing of this order. No update what so ever. I sent an email, no response. I called and left a message, no response. Finally I contacted google checkout to see if they could get through about my order. They did.

The seller's response is that they tried to contact me to tell me the items were out of stock numerous times, and have cancelled my order. They flat out lied. No one ever contacted me, and if I could leave a review about them on google checkout I would. It would state the same thing as here on my blog. Also if the items I ordered were out of stock, why were they still offering them on their website?

So with that being said, I do not recommend the website shearsforhair.com. They have poor customer service and don't deserve your business.

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