December 28, 2010

December 28th, 2010

Today Mark heads out for his winter trip.  He is heading to Hong Kong, Thailand (hang with some of his family), Vietnam, and Cambodia.  I'm going to miss him, but the day after he gets back we are going to Mexico.  He will be in Hong Kong for New Years (not to be confused with the Chinese New Year) and I cannot wait to see what video he sends back of the fireworks there.  He bought a helmet camera that shoots HD video and is completely waterproof!

Here is a pic of the two of us he took with it.

Pretty good picture quality huh?  It's got a bubble lense, and it gives pictures and video a fish eye effect, but still cool.

Here is a test video he shot with the camera.

That is his roommates boxer, Lottie.  Cute huh?

And last but not least, and I think this falls into the super cool category of things.  After I finished reading Of Love and Evil by Anne Rice, I visited her website.  There was an email there saying you could contact her that way.  So I typed up a short email saying the books Angel Time and Of Love and Evil are great and I can't wait to see what happens next.  Well.... I wasn't expecting a response, but I got one.  And it wasn't some automatically generated Thank You, that is very impersonally and has nothing to do with whatever the content of your email is.  Oh no!  In fact, it was quite a surprise to me that 15 minutes after I sent that email, Anne Rice responded back.  Here is what she said.

"Thanks, Marie.  I have a very large third novel in mind.  I'm working on something 
else right now, and then will do the third Angel novel.  Your feedback is wonderful. 
Glad you're enjoying the books.  Have a Merry Christmas.  Anne."

What a wonderful woman she is.  I know she is busy writing books, but she still took the time to write back.  That speaks volumes to me about how truly awesome she is.  

Well that is it for today, I have some job hunting to take care of.  Hopefully I get back into the workforce soon.  I like the extra time I have had here, but I also like to work.  If that makes any sense.

Have a great day everyone!

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