August 24, 2010

August 24th, 2010

True blood in my mailbox.....Thanks Rolling Stone.

It was quite an interesting article, as Anna Paquin, Stevn Moyor and Alexander Skarsgard, commented on what life was like before True Blood.  Anna was an Oscar Winner at 11, tired of being cast as the brooding smart chic roles, and tired of feeling like a gypsy. 

Alexander Skarsgard was an accomplished child star back home in Sweden and gave up acting at 13, only to pick it back up and 20.  And of course we all know he played Lady GaGa's boyfriend in the music video for Paparazzi.  Alexander was also in Zoolander.  He joined Sweden's military service (which is mandatory) because he thought it would be interesting. 

Steven Moyor says that when he met Anna Paquin on the True Blood set, after they weould talk for hours and after months they said, "hey, we've got something here."  Steven then broke things off with his girlfriend in London, and as of last weekend, Steven and Anna are married. 

The article talks about the show in general, and the actors have their own opinions of their characters.  It was a good read.  Especially when they joked around about if the show did a national tour, Glee style. 

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