July 22, 2010

July 22nd, 2010

I went to cut up the sweet potatoes in my pantry for some treats for Peanut... little did I know they decided to sprout on me.  They kind of look like Aliens!

Speaking of Peanut, I have entered him in a contest.  If he wins I get a *FREE* pet portrait painted of him.  It's called the Mo or Go Contest and it's held by the artist at www.mypawportrait.com.  Basically if you want to see Mo, you vote Mo.  If you don't like, you say Go.


Also, voting ends July 31st!  You can only vote once, and you can vote on as many dogs as you want.  If Peanut wins, I get a free pet portrait of him.  The artist is pretty cool, so be sure to check out her website.


ChristieChristina said...

I see a cpl of Cock Roaches!!!!lolol. Did you buy another Sweet Potato for Peanut?

~Marie~ said...

I bought those sweet potatoes a few months ago and kept forgetting to cut them up. So when I went to take them out of the pantry they had decided to sprout. Ha ha...

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