March 31, 2010

March 31st, 2010

So I have another book for you.  I am a reading machine sometimes!  
I love a good story, and I also love a good ghost story.  I heard about this book on a radio program that runs on the radio station I work at, the program is the Mel Robbins Show.  I like it.  Mel can be very inspiring.  She is a life coach, and does her show our of the Borders Book Store in Boston. 

So the topic that day was ghosts, and the author was on talking about the book and the work she does with the TV Show Ghost Whisperer.  The book sounded interesting enough and I totally added it to my wish list.  I'm a firm believer in ghosts, and have had my own experiences.  Like when I went to my uncle's funeral and saw my grandfather (who happens to be deceased) standing next to my uncle's casket.  Crazy right?  Totally a true story! 
The Book of Illumination: A Novel from the Ghost Files 

The name of the book is The Book of Illumination: A Novel from the Ghost Files.  You follow around this single mom as she helps people and ghosts, and some of it is pretty interesting.  Though the parts where she is talking with the ghosts and people is kind of cheesy like the Ghost Whisperer show, but still fun.  I liked this book, it is definitely staying on the keeper shelf of my bookshelf.  
Well, I am off to read another.
P.S. I am totally looking forward to the 80 degree weather coming our way at the end of the week!  SO excited!

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