March 29, 2010

March 29th, 2010

Apparently it's one of those Mondays. My work computer looked like this when I got in. Luckily when I restarted it, it went back to normal.

Oh and the crazy person I work with felt the need to send my boss a two page email telling him that I "messed with the white board."  I did not mess with the white board in Master Control.  And getting accused of things I have not done, is getting really old.   Come on new job! (Still no word from Radio One.....and my interview was in January! Is it really that hard to say yes or no?  I would prefer the yes, but if I get a no at least I can get back to applying and stuff. *sigh*)

Happy Monday!


CC said...

Have you gotten back to radio One since your interview? Did you send a thank you letter after the interview? I HOPE you hear from them soon.

~Marie~ said...

I have. I have called, emailed, and sent thank you cards. It's so frustrating!

~Marie~ said...

Update: Apparently the GM has been out sick for the past few weeks. And since she is the one who has the final say in who gets hired, that may be why I haven't heard from them.

Live.Love.Eat said...

OMG, one of your co workers really stoops that low? I am sorry. That is just unbearable.

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