May 20, 2009

May 20th, 2009

I have been spending a lot of time on Sephora recently. I have been building up my favorites list of all the great things I have and love. Also for some of those items I have been filling out user reviews. I realized I hadn't filled out a review for Gwen Stefani's L perfume for L.A.M.B. I bought the roller ball perfume, and it's great. I love the smell, very light and citrusy. Handy to keep in your purse and can go anywhere you go. So I wrote my review, titled it Smells Like Gwen, and wouldn't you know, Sephora liked it so much that the next time I purchase $25 worth of product(s) I get a free product to try and review. And it's not sample size either, it's a FULL SIZE product. I'm pretty excited about that.

My lovely teal clutch and make up came in on Monday, but what I didn't tell you about was my extra stuff. We all love extra stuff... especially extra free stuff.

I remembered that Sephora had a promo code for a free nylon reusable tote. The code was from back around Earth Day, but I put in the code anyway to see if they would accept it. Well they did, and now I have a Sephora bag to use and use again. The bag also rolls up so that it saves space, or makes it easy to put in your purse. Also as part of their Beauty Insider club, I get 1 point for every dollar I spend. When my "Beauty Bank" reaches 100 points I get a free product. Well my beauty was up over 100 and I chose the Sephora brand body butter in Guava Passion.....smells so good! Kind of reminds me of the beach... or someplace tropical.


Gerri Ward said...

OMG! You get all of the goodies! I luv anything and everything that has a citrus smell to it! "It smells Like Gwen" I luv that line. I never win anything! I want to try the Body butter in Guava Passion not only does it sound delicious but I know it must feel incredibly refreshing, hmmm, it reminds me of the Beach too! Marie you find really great stuff, you need to have a blog solely on your cosmetic finds!!!
p.s. How sweet baby bald eagles!!!

~Marie~ said...

Hi Gerri! Thanks. My brother thinks my shopping deals are so great I should be a personal shopper for someone. Ha ha. Yes, the body butter feels like heaven. I have always like body butters over plain moisturizers or lotions.

Yes baby eagles! I will have that up on my blog for a little bit. I think it's pretty neat to see a nest of baby bald eagles. During the day you can see them hanging out in the nest, and what not.

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