April 26, 2009

April 26th, 2009

My mom (top right of picture) is one to never say no to free furniture, especially furniture that is free in good condition. Well, this past Sat mom went to pick up a couch and chair from her friend's son's house.... wow that was a mouthful! We really didn't need the furniture, but she got it with one thing in mind. After she got the couch and chair in the house, she said to me, "Marie, when you get your own place again, you can have this couch and chair so that you have some furniture."

SCORE!!!! Ha ha. When I didn't live at home, I shared an apartment with my friend Mary and her daughter, Trinity. I provided the dining room furniture, some kitchen stuff, lamps for the living room, and art work. After I moved out of Mary's I was hunting for a place of my own, but could not afford it. During that time I completed my kitchen stuff with plates, bowls, and pots and pans, purchased some living room stuff from Ikea, and bought new bedroom furniture. The living room stuff, an end table and coffee table are still in the boxes and now reside in my closet waiting for the adventure of of being used. I often tell Mark that there are plates and pots and pans patiently waiting to be use... brand new, still in the original packaging. He laughs and then says "I hear ya!"

Now some people may mock Ikea furniture, but some of it is really awesome and durable. You just have to assemble it. Fine by me, I love assembling furniture! It makes me feel accomplished. It can be very rewarding to know you put that wonderful piece of furniture together.

Here is Peanut, checking out the couch while it was still in the back of the truck.


Gerri Ward said...

Hey that's a nice sofa! Now wasn't that sweet of your Mom to think about you! Speaking of IKEA, I luv that store, last month I bought 2 chairs, a rug,lamp,6 pillows for my sofa and some other stuff! I always shop at IKEA!!!! I luv it, luv it, and luv it!!!
p.s. When Brad Pitts and Jennifer Aniston were together that's where they shopped! - Peanut looks sooo adorable sniffing away!

~Marie~ said...

Thanks Gerri! It is a nice couch.

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