March 30, 2009

March 30th, 2009

I need a bigger closet...

I have very limited space, and that means that I must keep everything in plastic bins. Organized, yes. Practical for small closets, sure. Happy that my precious soles are stuck in a plastic bin, no!

Some people don't understand my need for closet space. Growing up in the house my grandfather built before we moved, my bedroom was HALF of the upstairs and had THREE WALK IN CLOSETS. Seriously! I miss that room. I grew up with lots of space, and now must manage to keep everything in the tiniest of closets. So frustrating.

One day... bigger closet. Possibly the one Carrie Bradshaw had in the Sex and the City Movie in the penthouse? Now that is wishful thinking!


Gerri Ward said...

I solely agree with you, limited closet space sucks !!!! I saw Mariah Carey's closet and I wanted to Scream with jealousy. I keep saying one of these days, one of these days I will have this amazing walk in closet that will put Miss Diva's to shame! ( I know that sounds sooo awful) p.s. I really luv those leopard soles of yours !!!

~Marie~ said...

When I saw Kimora's closet I just about lost it. Ugh... I so want a bigger closet again.

P.S. Thank you. I do so love those soles... they were a fabulous Target find.

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