March 29, 2009

March 29th, 2009

This was up on Perez Hilton a couple days back:

Vatican To Boycott Tom Hanks!

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With so many problems in the world, we find it funny the Vatican has time to focus on this nonsense!

Tom Hank's latest flick, Angels & Demons, based on the best-selling novel by Dan Brown, is receiving strong opposition from the Vatican.

According to Avvenire, the Vatican's official newspaper, the church "cannot approve" the film. Another Italian newspaper claims the Vatican will soon call for Catholics worldwide to boycott the flick.

However, Archbishop Velasio De Paolis is worried that boycotting the movie will create a "boomerang effect" by giving it more publicity.

Guess the Pope and his posse are still bothered by the fact that the book and movie suggested Jesus had secretly married that "whore", Mary Magdalene.

Jesus loves all - some more than others!

Even last year, while filming, the Vatican banned filmmakers from entering the Holy City or any church in Rome really. So one of the movie's key scenes, set inside church of Santa Maria della Vittoria, had to be filmed on a soundstage.

According to a Vatican spokesman, Father Marco Fibbi, he said, "Usually we read the script but in this case it wasn't necessary. Just the name Dan Brown was enough."

The flick hits theaters worldwide this May 15th.

We bet the Vatican will be watching it in secret!

So I was raised Catholic and all, but I am not so extreme that I believe the Bible is 100% real or that I will not see a move based on what the Vatican has to say. I have a very open mind....

I read the book the Da Vinci Code, and Angels and Demons, and let me tell you they were excellent books! Literary works of modern art in my opinion, and I am more than thrilled to see this movie!


Gerri Ward said...

I luv Dan Brown, especially his Angels and Demons. When I gave it to my Mom to read, she loved the book and we're Catholics. However my sister would not read it, let alone didn't want it in her home. Yet, she's obsessed with Stephen King and his bizarre imagination! ( I like him too) Anyway, the Vatican needs to wake up and smell the coffee because there are issues in the world that are brewing and not because of Dan Brown!!! p.s. I wish my sister liked coffee, she needs to wake up too !!!

~Marie~ said...

Well said Gerri! Seriously the Vatican does need to wake up and smell the coffee.... the world is a tumultuous place at the moment.

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