February 5, 2009

February 5th, 2009

If I tagged your on Feb 4th... go here and collect your prize!

I took time this past weekend to update my picture store. I have removed a lot of the items I had originally had up. Now it's primarily images, but guess what? You can pick the image(s) and make them into whatever your heart's desire is. You want a mug, go ahead. Mouse pad, sure why not! I've made it so that you are not limited to whatever I think would be an awesome item.

But for all you Mini Schnauzer lovers I have left up the mug and key chain... because well... they are cute.

I'm actually waiting until next payday to order myself a mug for work. This way I can rotate between work mug and schnauzer mug.


Gerri Ward said...

Oh Marie, these really are cute! I can always use a new coffee mug sooo I have to check out your picture store!

~Marie~ said...

Thanks Gerri! I actually made this picture with Photoshop and one of Peanut's pictures!

CC said...

Marie, there are so beautiful pictures in your store! I will have to choose one for a mug.

Thank you for the award, but I am having difficulty getting it uploaded to my blog site...I am such an amateur.

Have a wonderful day!

~Marie~ said...

Hi CC, thank you very much. And you are welcome for the award. You deserve it.

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