February 3, 2009

February 3rd, 2009

Yay! Mark's birthday gift has been shipped, so it should arrive shortly. His birthday isn't until the of the month, but that gives me plenty of time to wrap it and make sure everything is copacetic! This morning we woke up to light snow falling. Barely any accumulation is expected, but just in case I put down some pet safe ice melt.

I've decided to try and eat more fruit as a snack while at work. So far for the past two weeks, I have brought an apple and an orange to work with me. Plus the seeds from the orange are a tell tale sign that my super-paranoid, over-compulsive freak of a co-worker has decided to dig through my trash can. Yea.... I know.... I need a new job!


Gerri Ward said...

What? Is your co-worker kind of nuts!
Just kidding but if so beware. Anyway, Marie I tagged you so have a great day and enjoy your award!!!!!

~Marie~ said...

He isn't kind of nuts, he is nuts! LOL

Thanks for the tag... I will be checking out your blog shortly.

Debra said...

Good for you....eating more fruit!! I should.

We got a little snow over the night too.

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