November 5, 2008

November 5th, 2008

Well unless you were under a rock yesterday and last night, you know that Sen. Barack Obama is President-elect of the US. Congrats to him! This is one for the History books. He, as any President before him, has a big job ahead of him, and only time will tell if this was in fact the right choice. I'm optimistic that he will do a good job, but like I said only time will tell. And nothing happens over-night!

Now before you go leaving hateful comments (If anyone feels compelled to) on this blog please note that it will not be tolerated by me one bit. You have a right to your opinion, yes, but you also should be respectful.

OK and last but not least I have an adorable pic I have to share with you. My boss recently got a puppy, it's a shitzu/poodle mix, and his name is Gizmo. My boss sent me this pic yesterday of Gizmo sitting on his desk with the caption, "Gizmo took over my desk!" It's too cute.


Anonymous said...

Oh Marie the puppy is sooo cute!Is that a little tie around his neck?
You are funny, the bit about the hateful comments, anyway I agree with you, Obama has an incredibly big job before him and I wouldn't want to be in his shoes to tackle the issues. I hope the economy gets back on track so I won't be sooo shoeless! ( I know that sounds awful!)


Gizmo is so cute and quite a name! Don't know if it's the right choice as you say time will tell but it's a really good choice.

~Marie~ said...

Hi Gerri,

No not a tie, it's a harness. And I hope the economy gets back on track as well. Being shoeless is a crime!

Hi Miss Glitzy,

Thanks for the comment, and Gizmo is quite the name. I think it was an excellent choice to select Obama over McCain, he has a way of moving people and bring optimism.

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