October 8, 2008

October 8th, 2008

Have you ever been listening to the radio or a CD and have a pet that stopped what they were doing when a song came on and looked at you like, "What in the world is that?" Well that is what made me crack up laughing this morning as I was getting ready for my trip into what I now refer to as Hell. I'll expand on that at a later time.

I was combing out my wet hair while Peanut chewed happily on the floor with his bully stick. My radio in my room sucks, so I invested a while back in a satellite receiver from XM radio. I already had them in my car, so why not the house? Seemed logical. As I stood there, combing away, Santogold came on the channel I was listening to, which was 47 Ethel. The song was Creator, and it has a very funky beginning with some crazy noises. Peanut stopped chewing, looked around and then looked at me... I thought it was hilarious. After he realized it was nothing to be concerned with he went back to happily chewing, and proceeded to blow dry my hair.

I love listening to XM, I'm sorry it's now Sirius XM. So far I haven't noticed any changes in the channels that I listen to, so I'm pretty happy. It was funny my older brother had Sirius in his jeep before the merger, and I had XM before the merger. When I listened to the Sirius channels, they just weren't appealing to me... I hope there won't be too many changes to the channel line up, but whatever be will be. I just hope that the company realizes there are die-hard XM fans, and die-hard Sirius fans, and any changes may upset them. But those die-hard fans will have to take all changes with a grain of salt.

No new news on the job front for me.... I'm still optimistic....


The Writer said...

Would it be dating myself if I were to ask if this XM Sirius thing is kind of like the AM/FM thing was...oh...a looooong time ago?

Still praying!

~Marie~ said...

LOL... you might be... but then again I always like to say that satellite radio should be thought of as the cable tv of radio, except it's not visual. LOL

And thank you!! So am I.

Anonymous said...

Good for Peanuts he started your day off with a good laugh, laughter is great for the soul, it also breeds positivity so keep on laughing and watch what happens! Something great is coming your way!

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