October 7, 2008

October 7th, 2008

I haven't heard anything or from anyone as of yet about my application for the position at CBS radio Baltimore, WWMX. I called and left another voicemail, and I am *this close* to stalking employees of the station on myspace to try and get someone to call me. And the CBS radio website where I submitted my application, tell me they have my application and resume.

Fingers are still crosssed and I am still praying... I will let you know as I know.

In other news, my mom went in for minor surgery today. She had some cyst removed from her neck.... She must be feeling ok, because she has already sent me every forward in her email inbox! LOL... Many of them I have already seen. I may leave work a touch early today, so that I can go home and keep my dog from driving her bonkers... Lord knows how long he was in his crate today. I think we may be jogging instead of walking today!

P.S. Thank you everyone for thinking of me and praying that I get this new job.... Please keep it up!!! I need this new job like a fish needs to swim!!


The Writer said...

I know how you feel, Marie! Hang in there and I'll keep praying. I had to wait for what seemed like forever for this job and had just about given up hope on it when they finally called.

Enjoy the run!

Happy wandering!

The Writer...and her dog, Bear

Debra said...

Hope you hear great news about the job!!

Hope you Mom is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie,
I hope your mom is feeling better!
Stay positive and don't give up, just keep your eyes on the prize!

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